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One reference the nurse makes:  CBC reported a story that Social Services were going to apprehend children of the Truckers because of the conditions in which they are living.  It was at a time of heightened fear-mongering by the Government.  I did not post the CBC article because the intention of it was obvious and the accusations not true.  It was disgusting journalism.

I know first-hand of the depth of the propaganda.  I will write it up under the posting of former Premier Brian Peckford’s address to the thousands of people in front of the British Columbia Legislature on January 29th.

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The Brian Peckford posting will stay at the top.  Click on the title of the posting.   Not only were there the thousands that you see in the background.  The roadways were clogged with people trying to get to that Freedom Rally, to hear Mr. Peckford and other speakers.

I know because I was one of them.

I left my home at 8:00 AM that morning.  Normally it might take 2.5 hours to get to the Legislature in Victoria.   A bit of time was spent joining into the convoy of vehicles.  The highways into VIctoria became like one big convoy.   There’s an “app” by which people can communicate between vehicles.

I arrived at the Legislature in a car with 2 others.  After more than 6 hours of continuous driving – – one quick pee break at a quick food.  We arrived at the tail-end of the speeches, at about 3:00 pm.  All along the route we had travelled, there were people out waving Canadian flags, in support of the Truckers Convoy, happy and cheering.  We, and most others waved and honked in response.  There was a bond between those who could go to Victoria and those who cheered us on.

When our car arrived in Victoria,  Douglas Street (a main highway into the City that will take you to the Legislature) was backed up for 30 kilometres behind us, past Goldstream Park, back to Cowichan.  It was unbelievable.  Other entry ways into the City were similarily clogged. 

Even the out-bound traffic lanes were heavy in cheering, honking, traffic.  It’s winter.  Windows were rolled down, young people leaning out in happy connection across the divide to those on in-bound lanes.   We found a side route with less traffic to make our way. 

I was happy to see the video of Brian Peckford’s address, because I missed it.  But I was part of and witness to that historic day.  The celebration of freedom did not end when the speeches were over.  The mingling crowds and the atmosphere remained alive, embracing, and joyful long afterward.  

That was January 29th.   I posted the North Shore News article – – “a few protestors”.

2022-02-08 Premier John Horgan said the policy in B.C. will be “in-sync with the virus, not in-sync with a few protesters,” referring to recent trucker convoys.



The emotions of the nurse are the emotions of many Canadians.   I no longer listen to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).  I cannot stomach the blatant lies and the non-reporting.  

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