Feb 142022

Forward to the 13 minute mark.   The conversation leads up to the conclusion 

17:43 minute mark:   I want to make sure that we understand that our struggle is not against a government because the government is, in fact, nothing more than a facade.  . . .  (listen to the video.  David Martin says it better than I ever could.)


Phrases from the first part of the video, in case you want an idea of what it’s about

What happens physically is a different thing than what happens virtually . . . 

During the Arab Spring . . . the Egyptian Government . . . people here celebrated the fact that people could get together .  . .  the people’s voice against the Government celebrated   . . .  (the irony) 

What’s happening now in Ottawa  is different because  (? what ?)   . . .  we only mean democracy  . . .   the ability of people to make decisions about what affects their own life  . . .   We can talk about (other countries)  . . .  but we can’t talk about (what’s happening here).   

Democracy here is the election of leaders who can be manipulated . . .  e.g. Justin Trudeau (Canada), Jacinda Ardern   (New Zealand)  


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