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A True Story, From One of Our (The True Facts, C-19) Subscribers!  

Many of you ask me on a daily basis: “What Can I do”? I received this poignant, email from one of our subscribers, in which she included a copy of her submission to the “Public Order Emergency Commission”. The submission not only tells her story, but also chronicles what had happened to many of us.

I though you might want to see it for yourselves.

TO:  Public Order Emergency Commission
DATE: October 7, 2022
FROM: L.     I am a 60 year old Ontario resident, retired law clerk after 35 years. I am a wife, mother, step-grandma, sister, aunt to an RN who was fired by LHSC during a “health crisis” and “hospital staff crisis”.

I lost an old friend, healthy 59 year old to massive heart attack 2 weeks after her “booster”.

I am the wife of a semi-retired family physician who has seen firsthand vaccine injuries for the first time in his 40 year medical career, having never had to treat a vaccine injured patient during his whole career until the rollout of the experimental injections in Canada.

I strongly opposed all senseless, discriminatory, draconian and illegal mandates and restrictions inflicted upon Canadians.

I attended dozens of rallies in my small town protesting against vax mandates forced upon Canadians. I was and am a strong supporter of the Freedom Convoy 2022, and for this my prime minister labels me a racist and extremist with unacceptable views and questions whether I should be tolerated.

From the beginning of the announcement from our government and unelected health authorities declaring a “pandemic” I was highly skeptical of the facts and data being presented to the Canadian public, given that anything provided to the citizens were predictions and modelling. When lockdowns, masking, distancing and further restrictions were ordered in what seemed to me to be in co-ordinated global lockstep, I truly could not believe what was happening before my very eyes.

The level of compliance with these restrictions by the populace was shocking to me. The blind acceptance however was predictable given the propaganda and brainwashing campaign foisted among Canadians by our government and corrupt media. I seemed to be one of the few asking questions and believing the steps being taken were just completely wrong, immoral, unethical and unjustified. I have never felt so alone or unheard. I wrote endlessly to my local politicians, my provincial and federal representatives and health authorities requesting justification and medical and scientific evidence in support of the restrictions.


I never received a reply.


Once mandates were put in place I truly could not believe this was happening in my own country. The sickening division, discrimination and hate spewed towards Canadians for not complying with mandates and restrictions coming from the mouths of our politicians, unelected health bureaucrats and media was completely shocking to me and caused so much anger and anxiety for me as in my heart this destructive behaviour was like nothing I have ever experienced or witnessed before. I felt completely hopeless and helpless. I did succumb to the blackmail, bullying and coercion of our government and took the experimental injections in order to travel.

My family had travel plans to British Columbia booked for the summers of 2020 and 2021 however due to restrictions we did not travel in either year. Approximately $30,000.00 in tourism dollars in those two years was lost just from my family alone. The economic consequences of the draconian measures taken by our government are incalculable. I could not in good conscience use my VAX PAPERS and therefore was banned from my gym, restaurants etc., being discriminated against for my personal choice. The evidence is clear: these experimental injections are neither safe nor effective. I feel extremely lucky and thankful that I did not and to date have not suffered a serious adverse reaction.

How many Canadians need to suffer severe adverse reactions or death from these injections before they are pulled from the market????? Continuing to promote these experimental injections is criminal and our government and health authorities need to be held to account.

For the first time in almost two years, there was a glimmer of hope! The Freedom Convoy 2022!! From the moment I heard about the convoy plans I thought, finally, I’m not the only one feeling hopeless!

One leg of the convoy departed from my small township, Plympton Wyoming. I drove with this convoy for an hour to its London, Ontario pit stop. At least 1000 people were in the crowd sending us off, people of all ages, families with children all waving Canadian flags and holding signs of support and cheering on the convoy in -10 degree weather. Every single overpass between Plympton-Wyoming to London was packed with hundreds of supporters, with many more waving and cheering from the side of the road. More vehicles joined the convoy along the way. I was experiencing hope and joy for the first time in almost two years. I had to show my support to the convoy and supporters in any way I could.

My sister and I headed to Ottawa on February 13th and remained until February 16th. Our journey was an 8 hour drive with well over an hour of that time spent just navigating a few blocks trying to reach our hotel on Cartier Street.

For no apparent reason to us, many streets were blockaded by police or barricaded with concrete barriers despite being many blocks away from downtown proper. Each day we continued to see empty streets in the downtown area either barricaded with concrete barriers or with police cars with flashers going and were mystified as to why these streets were being blocked off. We spent our four days in Ottawa personally thanking every trucker we saw, hugging and thanking all truckers and supporters who were there, including several veterans, singing, laughing and dancing and experiencing nothing but peace, joy and happiness with fellow Canadians from all walks of life.

I have never seen such a peaceful and happy gathering of people, waving Canadian flags and uniting and supporting each other. The unity, peace and love shared by everyone we met in Ottawa was heartwarming. My sister and I were featured on Fox News in a segment hosted by Sean Hannity on February 15th, waving our flags and holding our signs of support for the truckers.

We had to watch news from the United States to get accurate coverage of the convoy. Every block we walked where trucks were parked there was ALWAYS a free lane of traffic allowing for emergency vehicles or Ottawa residents to navigate throughout downtown Ottawa. I will forever be grateful to the convoy organizers, truckers and supporters and will never forget what our government did to its own citizens. All of this hope, excitement and happiness came to a crashing halt once the Emergencies Act was declared by our government.

What followed was a shocking and horrifying act of aggression towards a peaceful and legal protest of Canadian citizens. The brutality inflicted on peaceful protestors was a shocking and sickening moment in Canadian history. All we wanted was for our voices to be heard. Instead, our government ignored its own citizens and inflicted as much damage, hate, division and trampling of rights as it possibly could. While the convoy may have overstayed its welcome, what transpired showed us all and was proof of the lengths to which this corrupt government would go to to shut down and silence Canadian citizens.

It’s hard to imagine our government officials felt so threatened by its own citizens, peacefully protesting for their voices to be heard, that it felt justified using the strongest powers to silence them. Our politicians need to remember, they work for US. For weeks I experienced anxiety and stress wondering if and when my bank accounts would be frozen as I had PROUDLY donated to both the Go Fund Me and Give Send Go funds for the convoy. The fact that our government officials were gleefully reporting the seizure of funds of Canadian citizens was sickening. The use of the Emergencies Act was a gross display of government overreach. The use of mainstream media to spread division, hate and misinformation over the convoy was beyond shocking. All mainstream media tv and radio stations have been banned in my household. We have been and are dealing with the greatest miscarriage of medical science, attack on democracy and erosion of trust in our institutions that we have ever witnessed in our lifetime. The parties responsible for this injustice must be held to account. I am hoping that this enquiry opens the eyes of Canadian citizens to the corruption plaguing our government and health authorities. Not only is this enquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act necessary, but criminal investigations are also desperately needed to hold to account our politicians and unelected health authorities for crimes against humanity. Data for Ontario and British Columbia have been analyzed and reports completed by thetruefactsc19.com evidencing the fact there never was a pandemic of a virus in Canada.

Many grassroots organizations, doctors and scientists have amassed evidence of fraud with respect to the “vaccine” being forced upon Canadians. The silencing of doctors, nurses, scientists and medical professions is proof positive that massive fraud has been committed by those in our government and health agencies.

Many questions need to be asked of our politicians and unelected health authorities, a few as follows:

1. Canadians need to see the contracts between big pharma and our government. When will these contracts be produced to the Canadian people?

2. Canada spent millions preparing Prewritten Pandemic Response Emergency Plans to be used in the event of a pandemic. These plans were updated as recently as September 2019. Why were these emergency plans ignored? Colonel Dr. David Redmond presented the existing Emergency Management plans in an interview posted on drtrozzi.org on January 29, 2022. Dr. Tam was one of the contributors to the existing Prewritten Emergency Management Plans. Not one Canadian premier would speak with Dr. Redmond. Why not? Where did the emergency plans supporting the restrictions and mandates used in response to covid-19 come from?

3. When will investigations or financial audits be conducted to show where the billions of tax payer dollars were spent in the management of Covid-19?

4. When were our politicians and unelected health authorities made aware that the experimental injections being forced on Canadian citizens did not prevent transmission of a virus nor stop infection? Did they have this information at the time of signing the contracts with big pharma? Why would our government mandate a product that does not stop infection or transmission of a virus and is now proven to cause serious adverse reactions and even death? Examination and analysis of the Pfizer documents clearly show their products never stopped infection or transmission of the covid-19 virus and this was recently admitted by a Pfizer executive in the European Parliament.

5. Why does our government and unelected health authorities continue to push the experimental injections on Canadian citizens when scientific and medical evidence now shows the severe injuries and death being caused to Canadian citizens? Why are people still being mandated to take these experimental injections and why are people still losing their jobs for not taking these experimental injections?

For the future of my son and grandchildren, I pray for justice and the return of the True North, Strong and Free!

Sincerely, L

Thank you L for you efforts to rebuild Canada Strong and Free!

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