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Some of the “COUTTS” COURT CASES IN LETHBRIDGE AB,  arising out of the FREEDOM CONVOY.  Egregious.

  1. Artur Pawlowski
  2. Marco Huigenbos
  3. “The Coutts 4”  (Chris Carbert, Anthony Olienick, Jerry Morin, and Christopher Lysak)
  4. Jaclyne Martin, the wife of Jerry Morin who is one of “The Coutts 4”

“Coutts” was happening at the same time as the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, at the Windsor border crossing, and in other locations in Canada.  I joined the estimated 14 to 15 thousand who protested in Victoria, BC.  The day was January 29, 2022.  I would not have missed it for anything.  It was an incredible day of joy and celebration with other Canadians.  A man on a bench, taking in the happiness in the crowds of people said to me, “This is the Canada I remember!”


July 26 – I told you Pawlowski was scheduled to be sentenced in Lethbridge, AB on August 9th.

Aug  09 – I was up and at the Court House 2 hours in advance, to ensure I’d have a seat in the Court Room.  Which Court Room for the sentencing of Pawlowski?

I went through Security; and was directed to a large bulletin Board with many postings. I found a listing of various cases, but no Pawlowski; no names that started with “P”.   I searched some other lists but they were for other things.  No Pawlowski’s.

I exited the Court House to wait for the arrival of other people.  And eventually went through Security a second time.  Happily saying I was here for the sentencing of Pawlowski.  Did anyone happen to know the Court Room Number?   . . . silence.

Inside I went to the counter where there was a woman working behind a glass partition at a computer.  Could she please look up the Pawlowski case and tell me the Court Room number? . . .  No,  I needed to go to the Bulletin Board.  The day’s cases are listed there.  . . .  Yes,  I have already done that.  I can’t find Pawlowski listed.  . . .  You have to go to the Bulletin Board . . .  You are working on a computer.  Could you please enter the name Pawlowski?  I’m sure your system can find the file. . . .  well it seems that the Court House must have a very dumb computer – – I didn’t say so.  What I did say is this:  In a democracy trials are conducted in public.  If you won’t tell me where the sentencing will be held, then the sentencing can not be open to me, the Public.  This is the stuff of police states, tyrannies.

I exited the Court House again, to wait outside.  A woman arrived who, like me, wished to witness the sentencing of Pawlowski.  She is from Cranbrook, B.C., well informed.  The conversation was stimulating.

Eventually I went to Security a third time.  There was a line-up of people going in, but none for Pawlowski.  I joked with the fellows working the Security line.  Here I am, back again.  I just need a small piece of information:  does anyone happen to know in which Court Room Pawlowski is being sentenced?   The fellow in front of me didn’t say anything.  The fellow next down the line didn’t look at me, but he said loud enough to easily be heard:  “the sentencing of Pawlowski was postponed until September 18th.”  I heartily thanked him for the information.


The Parliament of the European Union heard an appeal of Pawl ski’s situation.

After years of harassment by some police, prosecutors, judges, and jailers, THAT STARTED BEFORE COVID, the Alberta Court of Appeal last summer (July 2022)  found Pawlowski not guilty of a suite of charges that came up through the lower courts.  An innocent man.  Restitution to Pawlowski was ordered by the Appeal Court.

There were  remaining charges related to the Coutts blockade.  “Mischief”,  deemed to be criminal, drawing up to ten years in jail if found guilty.  To be processed in Provincial Court, Lethbridge.   Everything started over again.  In July 2023, the Judge found Pawlowski guilty.

Come to Lethbridge if you possibly can. . . .  I am returning for the sentencing (Monday, Sept 18th) and other court proceedings the next day related to “Coutts”.

(I want to use accurate language.  I’ll confirm this description when I’m in Lethbridge:)

The RCMP had a check-point at Milk River (a whistle stop before you get to Coutts. Thinly-populated country).  The RCMP were checking people in the south-bound lane of a rural, 2-way road/highway to the U.S. border.

There was no “blockade” by the RCMP, or by the truckers at Coutts.

The truckers” at Coutts, down the road from Milk River where the RCMP were situated, consisted of truckers, farmers with big machinery including trucks, and people who drove down from other parts of Alberta (Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Fort MacLeod, etc).

The congregation of people at Coutts did not block any road/highway.  There is plenty of parking at Coutts to accommodate potential line-ups of vehicles crossing the border.  There’s little more than farmers’ fields adjacent to the road/highway between Milk River and Coutts.  This is very flat country!

There are video’d scenes of lots of very large vehicles parked in orderly fashion in winter conditions;  the local tavern, a community gathering place is close by.  The atmosphere is similar to that in Ottawa at the same time:  bonfires with people gathered round to warm themselves,  the sharing of food, children chasing and having fun, lots of laughter.  People connecting and helping each other, sharing stories, getting acquainted.  Discussions taking place inside and outside the tavern.

The use of the Court and Jail system to silence citizens you don’t like has to be stopped.   You get a fair trial.   It’s not fair if you have to pay literally a million dollars in lawyer bills to get to an Appeal Court to establish your innocence.  (Pawlowski could do that, but only because Canadians helped crowd-fund the legal bills.)

Then he starts over again in Lethbridge Provincial Court with charges of mischief, looking at potentially 10 years in jail.   I don’t know how else to see it:  Political Prisoners.    Julian Assange comes to mind.  (I posted an update on Assange at



The July 2023 prosecution of Pawlowski is because he addressed the crowd gathered in the tavern at Coutts.

Marco Huigenbos, town councillor Fort MacLeod, is under prosecution because he went to Coutts.  And happens, in my opinion, to be a natural leader.

2023-09-08 Ft MacLeod Councillor, Marco Van Huigenbos, speaks on the plight of the Coutts 4

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Sent: August 8, 2023 11:24 AM   Subject: article about one of the Lethbridge trials

Hi Sandra,

I don’t know if you saw this article about the trial re the Coutts blockade and the 4 men who are on trial.  (URL in next email.)

It seems overwhelming right now, partly because so much more has been exposed and also because there is this tremendous push right now to steamroll over ordinary people all over the world.

= = = = = = = =

Sent: August 16, 2023 12:57 PM
Subject: RE: Grus case update

Thanks for the Constable Helen Grus update (August 15, 2023).

3 excerpts, with thanks to the reporting by Rebel News:

Grus was censored by her superiors as she attempted to probe an unusual pattern of sudden infant deaths (a cluster of 9 SIDS deaths) following the rollout of the novel COVID vaccines.  

Ottawa detective conducts alleged ‘unauthorized’ probe into the COVID-19 vaccination status of mothers whose babies died suddenly, superiors launch a vendetta against her after media leak.

(Former RCMP officer Danny Bulford attended the Police disciplinary hearing of Grus.  He later testified at the

National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) and claims that people within the force will “self-censor themselves” out of fear. “That is one of the most chilling things I heard you say in your testimony,” replied the commissioner.  The Rebel News report includes the NCI video clip.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

You may be interested in this article about the trial re the Coutts blockade and the 4 men who are on trial,

Included at the URL,  there WAS an inserted youtube interview of  Jaclyne Martin, the wife of Jerry Morin who is one of “The Coutts 4”.

The story is another of those shockers that should get out.   Jaclyne Martin, well-spoken.  I wish I had a copy of the interview to post.

= = = = = = =

I am now back in BC after 2-3 weeks with my Mother and family (in Sask);  also a stop in Lethbridge for the Pawlowski sentencing – – which didn’t happen.

A take away from Lethbridge experience:  Some people in the Justice System (Lethbridge, AB for example!) do not want to understand that trials are PUBLIC.  If they refuse to tell you the status of particular cases and refer you to “boards” where there is no record of the particular case,  the proceedings can’t be followed.   They are not accessible by the public, not even if you go in person!  It all seems so mis-guided, counter-productive and such stupid strategy on their part.  EXCEPT THAT what they do is DELIBERATE.  Unbelievable that this is Canada/

Thankfully “things are happening!”.    Like this that you sent,  “The Coutts Four”  (outrageous charges of conspiracy to murder RCMP officers),  and the interview of the wife of one of them, Jaclyne Martin – – my God!   Bless her for refusing to settle and being able to maintain her courage and determination.

NOTE:   In November 2022 I went to Calgary, to a large gathering of concerned people, Rebel News was the organizer.  I went because I wanted to meet people in person, hear what they have to say.  So I can make my own evaluations.  Are they radical crazies?  . . .  uh unh.  No.  I met and talked with good people.  If Canada didn’t have these people, we’d really be up the creek, with not much hope of pulling back from the brink of tyrannical disaster.  I don’t endorse all that is said,  but I seldom do!  no matter who’s doing the talking!

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In reply to

From: Saskatchewan
Sent: August 22, 2023
Subject: Fw: Provincial Lawmakers are preparing for an RCMP-less Saskatchewan – TFIGlobal

Listening to the Inquiry into Invocation of Emergencies Act helped solidify my long-held view that DE-centralization where possible & practical serves people better.

Centralization of the RCMP, to me, helped foster a police state.  ONE CENTRE;  ONE VIEW; AND little capability for ACCOUNTABILITY.    The powers-that-be slid incompetent people into top jobs.  The TOP ECHELONS were YES MEN & YES WOMEN . . . COURTIERS.  Common tactic of tyrants. . . .

Jaclyne Martin (she’s a skeet shooter) is being processed on Sept 19th  in Lethbridge, the last I heard.  The “Coutts 4” have been held in jail for well over a year, denied bail.  I listened to an interview of Jaclyne Martin.   The abuse of the Justice system is God awful, IMHO.   Among worse things done,  Jaclyne has not been allowed to visit, she is not allowed to see her husband, for well over a year now.

This is all the doing of the RCMP.  There’s no guarantee that local police would do better;  but they MIGHT understand the lay of the land better??!!

I am going to attend the Sept Court proceedings in Lethbridge – – they better not get postponed again!   The Justice System has to be held to account.

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