Jul 252011

BACKGROUND INFORMATION is at:      2011-03-07  York Regional Police, Vancouver Police, Saskatoon Police — all getting armoured vehicles.  From March 2010, Vancouver: “The RCMP said the so-called “Cougars for cops” is a national program, and residents of other cities can expect to see the vehicles on their streets too.”

ONE armoured vehicle will cost city tax-payers about $345,000.    

It’s easy to send a message to Saskatoon City Council.  Just fill in the entries at   http://www.saskatoon.ca/CITY%20COUNCIL/Pages/WriteaLettertoCouncil.aspx  

We will soon have a petition for you to sign, and a facebook presence.   Help will be appreciated!    Your “Comments” (below) will be useful.

More later!

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