Feb 032024

The “synthetic” milk is available at Walmart in the U.S.  I don’t know about Canada.

I suppose it will be used in other food products, too.

You might like to know something about it!    I get angry that the manufacturers are allowed to label products to be something that they are clearly not.


As modern technology’s rapid development broadens its claw-like grip on society, it is inevitable that the food industry would be impacted. Lab-grown foodstuffs begin looking more and more like a franken-version of the homegrown, organic products, once familiar to our ancestors. But sometimes they appear innocent and organic, stealthy and obscure as to their true nature. Alan Lewis, Dr. John Fagan and Alexis-Baden Mayer join together to share an important warning for consumers, everywhere.


Measles is in the news again, but is it a serious concern or a media fear tactic? Host Paul Thomas and Dr. Larry Palevsky discuss measles and MMR risk through a pediatric lens and give parents and guardians practical tips for safely navigating an outbreak and making decisions that are best for their child.

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