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2.6 million tuned in to listen to this in June 2023, according to the upper left hand corner of the video. Great that it’s being aired here for those of us that missed it, or just want to hear it again.

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This is the Spaces Recording of RFK & Elon Musk from June 5th 2023.

Last night at the Super Bowl, RFK Jr. conducted an ad spiking huge interest in his campaign.

We captured this recording for anyone interested.

Historically, YouTube has taken down content related to RFK Jr, but they seem to have loosened their censorship policies as of late, which I commend them for.


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  1. This exchange was generated by the February “For Your Selection”. It is helpful here. I don’t think the initiator KNEW that RFK JR, “Bobby” Kennedy, is the front-runner for the U.S. Presidency, by a healthy margin. The U.S. Election is on Nov 5, 2024. I think it will be a game-changer in the World.

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    To: Sandra Finley
    Subject: Re: For Your Selection, February 2024 When you connect them up

    Sandra I am shocked at what I read about you agreeing that you with the truckers. The Canadian truckers association voted 80 percent for vaccination. That before the trip to Ottawa

    And your comments about joe Biden are equally shocking. Do you recommend voting for trump?

    Please read doppelgänger by Naomi Klein who says that certain key left leading leaders have joined the extreme right. Read the book.
    Will message foto mail out list? Please respond

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    Sandra Finley says:
    February 22, 2024 at 11:45 AM

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    From: Sandra Finley
    Sent: February 22, 2024 10:54 AM
    Subject: RE: For Your Selection, February 2024 When you connect them up

    Hi (name removed),

    Your deduction that I might recommend voting for Trump is wrong.
    And I stand by my assertion that a vote for Biden is wrong-headed.

    Are you also opposed to RFK Jr for president of the USA?

    RFK is running 10 points ahead of both Biden and Trump as American’s choice for President.
    There is good info in this video about RFK’s policies.

    2024-02-12 Elon Musk Interviews RFK Jr. re-posted from 2023-06-05

    I’ve followed Bobby Kennedy since before he accepted the FSIN’s invitation to be the featured speaker at an FSIN Water Conference in Saskatoon. I have attended lots of water conferences. It was one of The Best.


    He talked about his Father taking the whole family by car (summer holidays) to Indian Reserves further West, with the question: how and why were the lives of these American children different from what they knew about children’s lives in the USA?

    The family was all exposed as well to areas of poverty and illness in coal-mining centres of the U.S.

    The theme

      of RFK Jr’s address to the Water Conference: businesses have to pay for the costs of polluting. It’s an operating cost. It is wrong that they can out-source those costs to the public purse to pay (healthcare, cleaning up poisoned water, and other costs). The same theme is mentioned briefly in the Elon Musk-RFK interview. It’s not forgotten.

      I am firmly behind RFK for American president. I don’t have a vote, alas!

      The fact that RFK is running well AHEAD of the two ding-dongs gives me more hope than I’ve had in a long time.

      We, as Canadians need to out the skulduggery under which, for example, Canada is giving Ukraine over 800 military drones worth $95 million | according to CBC’s Power & Politics. Drones are weapons of TERRORISTS.

      Bombs are dropped rather quietly on civilian populations from them. By young people who are whipper-snappers at video games. Who are the stupid Canadian leaders who think that, tit-for-tat, we won’t be having drones dropping bombs on Canadian targets?

      If YOU do not know that RFK Jr is running for the Presidency, AND that he’s the front-runner, it’s because the CIA, NSA, FBI, NIH, etc. do not WANT you to know. The Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical-Congressional-University-Technology, and Mainstream Media Complex is powerful. Canadians need to battle as hard as all the others in the World who say we have MORE power.

      I hope you and your family are doing well.

      Best wishes,

      P.S. re your request: Will message foto mail out list?
      I don’t think you meant that.
      The answer is No, not any more than I would supply YOUR name and email address to anyone/everyone!

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