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April 30, 2012   Zsuzsanna Holland writes:

Thank-you to Sandra and friends for your interest in my lawsuit regarding dental amalgam mercury poisoning.

My case, Williams Lake matter 09-16471, is ongoing for a second time in the courts against the American, Canadian and British Columbian Dental Associations and for the first time against the BC College of Dental Surgeons and BC College of Physician and Surgeons.  (I lost the first dental amalgam case on a technicality.)

During a hearing to dismiss last winter the defendant colleges were dismissed, now on appeal.  We are still awaiting the court’s decision regarding the dental associations.   The 10-day jury trial set for June 18, 2012 has to be adjourned due to the delayed ruling and the appeal.

My second dental amalgam suit is based on a claim in statute; namely the Business Practices Consumer Protection Act and the Health Care Cost Recovery Act here in BC which gives me right to sue. This suit is unique in that it is not a class action but does contain a compensatory component for relief with respect to research and education as well as aiding the recovery of other dental amalgam mercury poisoned victims. This case is also unique in that BC, I believe, is the last place in North America where a civil trial may still be conducted by jury.

I do appreciate any support for my case as it will impact many others if we succeed.

If anyone would like a copy of the Notice of Civil Claim in this case, I will gladly provided it to them.

Thank-you again for your interest and I do hope to update you and your viewers as this case progresses.

God bless,


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Canadian Supreme Court rejects appeal on mercury fillings

A B.C. mother has lost her personal battle against the use of mercury in dental fillings. The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal from Zsuzsanna Holland.

Acting without a lawyer, Holland hoped the high court would hear her claim that she and her children were harmed by mercury use by dentists.

Holland represented herself during her lengthy battle through B.C.’s lower courts, arguing unsuccessfully that 17 mercury-based fillings poisoned her and her children after she had dental work in 1982.

The B.C. Court of Appeal unanimously rejected her case.

Canada’s highest court has now refused to intervene, dismissing the appeal with costs awarded to the numerous parties named in the civil case,  including the province, the provincial environment minister, his ministry and B.C.’s environmental management branch.

cited  DrBicuspid 11Dec09

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2.    http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/Jdb-txt/SC/08/15/2008BCSC1582.htm More on the mercury fillings case.

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3.   http://www.bcjustice.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6959:no-contact-with-zsuzsanna-holland-law-society-of-british-columbia-v-bryfogle-application-for-contempt-order-law-society-alleges-that-mr-bryfogle-knowingly-and-intentionally-violated-an-order-of-mr-justice-groberman-engaged-in-the-practice-of-law&catid=596:quarrels-2012&Itemid=1574

Holland v. HMTQ et al

[15]         On July 25, 2007, Ms. Holland filed a statement of claim in the above action against the Provincial government and various bodies associated with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment, the Federal government, the Federal Minister of Health, Health Canada, the American Dental Association, the Canadian Dental Association and the BC Dental Association. This action concerns, among other allegations, an assertion that Ms. Holland suffered from mercury poisoning due to certain dental work (the “Mercury Action”).

[16]         It does not appear that Mr. Bryfogle swore any affidavits in support of Ms. Holland’s Mercury Action. Instead, Ms. Holland signed all of her own pleadings and submissions. The affidavits filed in support of Ms. Holland’s various applications were all signed by Ms. Holland. These affidavits and submissions contained many legal concepts borrowed from American statutes and case authorities. For example, Ms. Holland refers to the RICO statutes, spoliation (which concerns destruction of evidence or suppression of evidence), American case law on the right of commercial free speech, mercury poisoning, government negligence, and negligent advertising. Ms. Holland testified that she wrote these submissions and drafted these affidavits without assistance from Mr. Bryfogle. At most she borrowed his precedents and had access to a detailed index of his American and Canadian law library. She denied that Mr. Bryfogle carried out any research on her behalf. However, Mr. Bryfogle admitted to providing Ms. Holland with more assistance than she acknowledged. In Mr. Bryfogle’s affidavit dated January 29, 2010, filed in the Law Society’s contempt application, he admits to the following assistance regarding Ms. Holland’s Mercury Action:

6.         I assisted Ms. Holland by typing her briefs, documents and letters, letting her use my templates, doing legal research. … Respondent kept Ms. Holland’s files and schedule.

[17]         While Mr. Bryfogle attempted to modify this statement during cross-examination on the affidavits filed in the Law Society’s application, I found his explanation to lack credibility. In my view, Mr. Bryfogle’s evidence amounted to a transparent attempt to ensure his version of the events was the same as that provided by Ms. Holland in her evidence. I note that Ms. Holland’s evidence was also an attempt to repudiate the admissions made in the affidavits she filed in support of Mr. Bryfogle’s defence to the Law Society’s application.

[18]         The briefs and affidavits filed by Ms. Holland in the Mercury Action are formatted in a manner identical to Mr. Bryfogle’s affidavits. Ms. Holland’s affidavits and briefs also contain the same type of language used by Mr. Bryfogle and the same legal concepts. Many of his colourful phrases such as “the legal priesthood”, “affidavitted”, and “proffered” are also found in Ms. Holland’s filed materials.

[19]         Mr. Bryfogle did not notify the Law Society of his involvement in the Mercury Action.



  13 Responses to “Zsuzsanna Holland, mercury fillings, suit against Dental Assoc., B.C.”

  1. Dear Sandra and viewers,

    I write to update you regarding my second claim regarding mercury poisoning from dental amalgams.

    Today, [December 31, 2012] Mr. Justice Leask illegally dismissed my claim against the dental associations in a ruling which utterly disregards US and Canadian law. This corrupt ruling allows the dental associations to continue their role in killing millions of people, thereby making this justice also an accomplice to Canada’s genocide.

    I plan to appeal this erroneous, ridiculous decision which frees the dental associations from having to comply with British Columbia’s consumer protection statute nor be subject to paying, at any time in the future, medical costs arising from dental amalgams. In order to protect these associations from liability, Justice Leask has given away protection for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Canadians who are now stripped of any right to seek relief in the courts for injuries caused by dental amalgams. The courts are trying their best to shut my cases down as they are hell bent on protecting the guilty and threaten to put in jail anyone who tries to help me, as per above.

    The corruption in the court system in Canada now shows that we are no longer a democracy but a dictatorship run by, and for the sole interest, of a fascist oligarchy.

    Although this ruling is not a surprise, we are, by God’s grace not going to give up the fight against those who insist on killing millions of innocent victims and get away with murder!

    All the best in the new year!
    Zsuzsanna Holland

    [PS: The costs ruling you have posted above by Master Young refers to my son’s case now at the Supreme Court of Canada against lawyers, Karen Douglas of Harper Grey and Nevin Fishman of Bernard and Partners, Vancouver, BC who insisted in and got away with extortion. I am also pressing criminal charges against these lawyers.]

    [PSS: Please see my call for judicial reform at… http://www.judicialreform2012.blogspot.ca]

  2. I too have mercury toxicity I believe resulted from my many fillings since the age of 12 am interested to get a copy of your notice of civil claim and am interested in forming a class action law suit. God bless you,it is crimininal that they deny the effects of mercury ,increased rates of autism,alzheimers,ms,fibromyalgia and continue to inject vaccines containing thimerosolk and flu shots wiht thimerosolk and mercury fillings into the unknowing.Linda ps how are you chelating mercury from your body?

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank-you for your comments. Will post protocol for safe and effective chelation on the weekend when I have more time. The courts have repeatedly denied me due process in order to cover up this issue. The courts, I have found, refuse to abide by the laws of this country and have without our consent or knowledge plunged our country back into the dark ages. Nevertheless, if you need my help with the class action suit, let me know.

      Kind regards, Zsuzsanna

  3. Linda is now connected to Zsuzsanna.

    In response to “How are you chelating mercury?” I’ve set up a separate category under “Health” for “Detoxification” which is a common question. The category will appear when I have time to put postings under it.

    In response to “class action lawsuit” I’ve added a posting http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=9633 that is potentially relevant, titled “Dental College Newsletter, what they know and don’t know about mercury poisoning.”

    And now I’m getting off this computer!! Have a great day – outside!!

  4. Hi again Linda, RE: De-tox of mercury

    1. Dr Mercola is good. See this video on de-tox. http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5299

    I wanted to make and post notes on it so that I and other people would have the main points in shorter, written form. I haven’t found the time to do that.

    2. http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=6930 Mercury fillings (dental amalgams): “NoBody needs mercury!” campaign. De-toxification. See the middle of this posting. I added my own view-point on de-tox. Basically, “go slow”.

    All the best to you, I hope it goes well.

  5. I hope you can make difference and win. Had all my fillings replaced with a white composite. I drove 90 miles to a dentist that does not use mercury. He had me use a mask over my nose so that I don’t breath mercury vapor. I get “Dental Truth”

    George Poluhanycz

  6. This battle should go to the media, I think there is a strong lobby in the dental association of Canada it’s linked to the one in US. get people aware using a group in facebook and organize a peaceful demonstration across all Canadian province. that should be done before the coming election to make sure next government will not conspire with the Canadian dental association

  7. I have epilepsy and was giving dental treatment in my ontario school I’m 44 now I was 8 at the time I started getting seizures at 13

  8. I have M.S. and know it’s from amalgam dental fillings, root canals and vaccinations. Another lady (with M.S.) and myself would love to become active against dental amalgam fillings. I was a total wreck after my second root canal in 2006. That garbage has to go . . .

  9. Hi Susan,

    I have been wondering about what to suggest by way of becoming involved. Your participation would be greeted with open arms.

    Do you know how you might like to become involved?

    It would be wonderful if, as a starting point, all new dental graduates understood what they are doing every time they put mercury into someone’s body.

    And so, for example, it would be very helpful if there was an on-line list of the contact info for Dental Colleges and training courses for dental hygienists in Canada. It could go on my blog, but might be better on some existing web-site that is dedicated to the issue. I might be able to find a list I started some time ago, but didn’t find time to complete. The list would be used for sending info to the credentialing bodies (have done some of that in the past, but did not have a list to work from).

    There are serious considerations for the teaching institutions because of the international agreements to rid the environment of mercury. They are opening themselves to lawsuits through failure to update their practices.

    Maybe we could talk by phone sometime? Easier than typing up everything.

    There is a small but persistent network of people who are determined. As you say, “That garbage has to go.”!

    The damage that is being done, and has been done over decades is unconscionable. The story is the same as that of the tobacco, chemical (Erin Brockavitch – hexavalent chromium), lead in gasoline, thalidomide and so on and on.


    • Hello Sandra: I too have 5 mercury fillings that were placed by the Dental School in my Elementary days. I am in the process of soon having them removed and detox. I am very ill and only 48 years old and have had to quit work due to the many issues I have that I am sure have been exacerbated by mercury. Is there a group I can join? Sincerely Tammy Galinec

  10. I would like to join in any class action suit. I too had my mercury fillings removed, and now, at 44, am just getting some of myself back after chelation therapy. Over 30 years of my life taken from me. I was such a different person before the first filling, and I remember the day in 1986 when I came home from the dentist and was panicking as I knew something was terribly wrong, I could feel it happening.

    • Hello Mellisa, Tammy (above) and others,

      I am thinking: the strategies used in any battle are important to success. So too, are the weapons used. A lawsuit is just one of the options.

      Susan Shackleton (above) told me of the huge effort in 1998, in Ontario, by Wayne Obie to launch a lawsuit re dental amalgam. 8,000 people were signed up. This posting is about another person’s efforts, Zsuzsanna Holland’s, to obtain justice through the court system. ZsuZsuanna went to the end of the line: the Supreme Court of Canada decision was to not hear her appeal of the Provincial Court’s decision. The same thing happened in the appeal process when I was found guilty over the StatsCan / census / Lockheed Martin / constitutional right to privacy of personal information issue. The Supreme Court elected not to hear the appeal. That’s as far as an individual case can go in the Justice System. But it’s not the end-of-the-line, by any means.

      Susan and I did look into the possibility of another lawsuit. A small bit of the correspondence is appended. Today, I think “never mind how much time a class action lawsuit would take to organize, given how long court cases take, I’d be dead before there was any resolution!” The Justice system is not always about justice – – it can be about overcoming decades of conditioning, of propaganda.

      The not-so-well-known American rights lawyer, Gloria Allred, with decades of experience, uses alternative strategies to Court, when Court isn’t going to work. A recent movie “Seeing Allred” tells the strategies she has used to great success. I’ll post information about “Seeing Allred”. It’s on Netflix; can be found through the little icon of a magnifying glass (the search button); enter “Allred”. I’m not saying that her strategies should be used; just saying that strategies besides lawsuits can be used, with success. FOLLOW-UP: see 2018-02-13 Seeing Allred, movie

      Wayne Obie dedicated himself to the cause of stopping mercury fillings, at great personal cost. I haven’t heard from Zsuzsanna recently; I don’t know how she’s doing.

      Their courageous work is carried on by many people and organizations. The weapon used is information. We aren’t all Gloria Allred’s. Or Robert F Kennedy Jr’s (Kennedy’s specialty is the poisoning of water supplies. A no-brainer, mercury going down the drain from dental offices motivated him.) You have to be crazy to be knowingly putting mercury into water supplies, let alone directly into humans. Next thing you know, they’ll be changing the Periodic Table to change mercury from the most toxic of the elements to becoming a beneficial one!

      So what do we do? these are changing times. The justice system is not the only means to bring an end to the slow poisoning of people by implanting mercury in their mouths, and dumping it in waterways.

      When I see a child, I hope they will be spared. That’s a decision by their parents or care-givers. And if the dentists charge a bonus for non-mercury alternatives, then it may be a decision dictated by income.

      I can’t shout loud enough, or send enough emails to make a difference. But Canadians are pretty good at talking with each other, and using their ingenuity. I think of the suffragettes – – women who fought for the right to vote. In the UK and in the USA the suffragettes were brutalized by the powers-that-were. They were imprisoned, force-fed when they went on hunger strikes. It was terrible what they went through, but they didn’t stop. They won. Canadian women did street theatre. They mocked the men, they made people laugh at the silliness of the arguments. They fought hard, but with different tools, and won.

      Talk, talk, talk. Be alert. Plug into a network that specializes in mercury fillings. The mission is to prevent other people from having to suffer what you did. The opportunities to participate in a way that suits you, will come.

      Best wishes,


      From: Sandra Finley
      Sent: August 22, 2016 9:40 AM
      To: Kathryn
      Subject: Mercury fillings, Wayne Obie

      Hi Kathryn,

      Susan Shackleton from Vancouver is interested in the idea of starting a Petition to get the use of mercury fillings stopped. I suspect – – hope – – there will be step-by-step work on that. (I have a few too many pots on the stove to be the initiator.)

      Will you let me know if you have any success in finding Wayne Obie?
      I sent an email to the lawyer David Himelfarb (employed by Wayne in the 1990’s), this morning. I hope it was okay to tell your connection:
      For purpose of collecting signatures for a Petition on mercury fillings,
      Do you know if there is any way of finding names of people (8,000) who were associated with the 1998 lawsuit?
      I understand there may be privacy considerations and some of the people will now be deceased.
      We found Kathryn (surname deleted) who helped with the 1998 suit. She knew Wayne Obie quite well. . . . He might still have info that would be helpful in contacting some of the 1998 people.

      There is new research that adds to the already-solid base for stopping the use of mercury fillings.

      Thank-you for your consideration.

      Sandra Finley
      Thank-you so much for taking my phone call and for discussing what must be a difficult subject for you.
      Best wishes,
      Sandra Finley

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