Apr 182012

Lockheed Martin on campus tomorrow, Wed Apr 18th



(RELATED:  2010-11-01  Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre (Saskatoon Airport) Grand Opening.  Lockheed Martin’s “products” not itemized (UAVs (Drones), cluster munitions, DU (Depleted Uranium) weapons, land mines).)


Gotta give them credit.  See below.  They don’t beat around the bush.  They are about war.

The University of Saskatchewan now has a debt-load of $95 million, has maxed out its borrowing capacity, and has a $10 million shortfall in its operating budget.  ….. It has made itself extremely vulnerable to anyone who comes with money.  The Government has helped create the situation.

(The short story:  Lockheed Martin played a significant role in the decision by the Americans to drop bombs on Iraq in an illegal war of aggression.  They reaped huge profits.  Weapons they manufacture are illegal under International Law (land mines, cluster munitions and now most likely Unmanned  Aerial Vehicles (drones)).  They have a long string of court convictions.  They have a lengthy record of ripping off the public purse.)

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1.   Lockheed Martin  – Collaboration Topics (CT’s) for Post-Secondary Institution Discussions

1.    Advanced Active & Passive Sensing: System and host platform hardware and software with lower sensor costs, increased signal-to-noise ratio, and lower sense-to-information latency to turn the sensed environment into information about the target (e.g., target recognition, speed, intent, etc. via Ladar, Radar, EO, and acoustic methods)

2.   Complex Software & Systems: Methods for improved software performance and reliability, including advanced software architectures, integration, agents, languages, processor tailoring and production and VV&T (e.g., Model-Based Software Development)

3.  Autonomous and Robotic Systems: Hardware, software, and architectures to enable uninhabited intelligent deployments of ground, sea, air or space capabilities with improved cost, weight, performance or risk characteristics (e.g., swarms)

4.   Biometrics: Architectures for detectors and associated hardware and software for personnel identification in a broad range of applications (e.g., authentication, surveillance, tracking)

5.   Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield explosives (CBRNE) Defense and Response:   Detectors and associated hardware and software for detection and characterization of chemical and biological threats, to include methods to facilitate timely response (e.g., explosive vapor, biological agents)

6.   Decision Support Systems: Hardware & software for enhancement of decision and action efficiency in complex and/or stressing  data/timeline mission environments (e.g., fusion, pattern recognition, data mining, knowledge management)

7.   Directed Energy: High energy laser and particle beam device, beam control, ancillary component and integration hardware and software for target negation or disruption (e.g., airborne lasers, ground based defense)

8.   Distributed ISR & Attack: Component and system hardware and software for ISR and attack systems employing large numbers of integrated collection and response (force application) nodes (e.g., unattended in-situ sensors, local response yet integrated defense systems)

9.   Energy& Climate Change:   Hardware and software to improve performance across a broad range of applications (e.g., grid power, portable power, energy storage and pulsed power, for military and civil users)

10.   Human Terrain: Represents the aggregate of socio-cultural traits present at a specific temporal, geo-spatial [or cyberspace] location.

11.   Trust and Assurance: Methods and implementation software and hardware for protection of networks and electronic data against intrusion  or data loss, and associated threat capability assessment

12.   Advanced Materials: Modeling, development, fabrication and characterization of materials/structures at the atomic/molecular scale and  understanding of associated applications (e.g., mechanical, sensor, communications, and medical applications)

13.   Predictive & Response Logistics: Hardware and software affording improved inventory, tagging, tracking, distribution, security and prognostic health monitoring of large and/or complex product sets (e.g., end-to-end global asset logistic optimization)

14.   Signatures & Phenomenology:  Modeling and testing of interactions between radiation or matter and targets and the corresponding  response of sensors, to include methods for response control

15.  Systems Biology and Bioinformatics: Encompasses bio-medical technologies, bio-informatics, and biomimetics (bio-inspired

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——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Lockheed Martin Planned Visit on April 18-2012

Date:  Fri, 23 Mar 2012 13:39:19 +0000

From:   Verma, Brij brij.verma@usask.ca

To:   Granrude, Marjorie mlg544@mail.usask.ca, Virgl, Joan joan.virgl@usask.ca, Margarita Santos margarita@math.usask.ca, Duke, Ronda
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CC: Neufeld, Eric emn075@campus.usask.ca, Raj Srinivasan raj@math.usask.ca,  Gray, Jack jack.gray@usask.ca, Merriam, James jim.merriam@usask.ca, Rangacharyulu, Chary chary.r@usask.ca, Palmer, David drp979@mail.usask.ca, Bonham-Smith, Peta peta.bonhams@usask.ca

Good Morning,

Kindly forward to faculty:

Representatives from Lockheed Martin are planning to come to the U of S, seeking collaborative opportunities. Please have a look at the attached word document that lists areas that Lockheed would like to collaborate on. If your interests lie in the listed areas, and you would like to collaborate with Lockheed Martin researchers, please let me know. A brief of research will need to be prepared and sent to Lockheed Martin for review.

All the best,


Phone: 306-966-852    Mobile: 306-241-6092

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(This planning document is posted at http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=5099)

Planning Document Subject: Lockheed Martin Visit to Your Institution

Institution:                 University of Saskatchewan

Date of Visit:           April 18th, 2012

Location:                    U of Saskatchewan CampusLockheed Martin Visitors:

The Lockheed Martin Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) Team, supported by senior members of the Lockheed Martin Technical Staff of the Corporate Engineering and Technology (CE&T) and the Mission Systems and Sensors (MS2) groups will be visiting your facility in the near future.


This visit is intended to gain a better understanding of the strengths and capabilities of your Institution and the alignment with Lockheed Martin Collaboration Topics, and future opportunities for possible collaboration.  The form of collaboration will be determined on a case by case basis and the variations will be discussed during the initial Lockheed Martin briefings.  The Lockheed Martin Team looks forward to visiting with members your Institution and gaining a better insight of your full capabilities.

Proposed Agenda Items and Details:

(timing of each presentation may vary, LM is flexible)

Timing:   Lockheed Martin Plans to Arrive at 8:30 and Depart on or about 5:00

Please schedule accordingly

Welcome and Overview (by the Institution)

•Introductions, etc.

•Lockheed Martin Business/IRB Overview  (schedule 15 minutes)

•Lockheed Martin Technical Overview  (schedule 15 minutes)
◦Review, Lockheed Martin Collaboration Topics (CT’s) (attached)

◦Request for Presentations by the Institution  ( 2 to 3 presentations maximum)

◦Presentations should be limited based on the time allotted for this visit

■Presentation, dialogue during / after, and perhaps a lab visit.

■All presentations should be as closely aligned with the CT’s as possible

■Closing Comments, Action Items, Follow-Up

■Soft copies of the presentations and projects are requested on (CD) only please.

Lockheed Martin  –  Collaboration Topics (CT’s) for Post-Secondary Institution Discussions

Advanced Active& Passive Sensing:    System and host platform hardware and software with lower sensor costs, . . . (as at top of page)

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This link has information valuable for anyone who has  Lockheed Martin under consideration.  Lockheed Martin, War Economy

I can forward it to more people at the University.

It is wrong to collaborate with Lockheed Martin.  The unfortunate financial situation at the University is not justification.

Please call if you have suggestions or questions.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Sandra Finley

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