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From: Joseph Bourgault
Sent: April-17-12 11:55 AM

Subject: RE:  Mercury Fillings  re Obstacles to getting the use stopped

Hi Sandra,

Regarding the Issue of convincing our so called “Health Authorities”, i.e. Health Canada, from Banning Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings few people have put more thought and more energy into understanding this Highly Harmful Situation than Dr. Hal Huggins and when he approached the ADA, American Dental Association, to explain to them what he had learned in his research and experience with helping hundreds of people to recover from all kinds of serious illnesses, he was “Very Strongly Rejected” by the ADA, because they are “Kneck Deep” in potential Lawsuits and Liability Claims if they were ever to admit that “mercury amalgam dental fillings are toxic and causing MS, Depression, Alzheimers etc.” and if they acted to ban mercury dental fillings. No person has invested more time, energies and resources into stopping mercury dental fillings than Dr. Hal Huggins.

What Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Vimey and others like them have accomplished is that there are NOW THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, if not tens of thousands of people like myself, yourself, Grant S. and others who have been made aware and have benefitted from the removal of their amalgam-mercury dental fillings.  “The Word”, the truth about the dangers of mercury, is spreading everyday, one person at the time, slowly but surely and someday soon, there will be enough people in our Society to reach the “Tipping Point” or “Critical Mass” forcing Health Canada to ban the use of this poison.

Critical Mass, as I understand it is when there are 5% to 10% of the people in a Society who have been made aware and or have benefitted from a

Getting frustrated because things are not moving fast enough to our individual liking is understandable, but not necessarily helpful. (Whenever I
am feeling frustrated I Observe, Accept, Face, Feel, Integrate, Transmute and Transcend these ego thoughts of needing something to happen at my pace.  Read/study Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan and also the Conversation with God books by Neale Donald Walsch.)

It is important to not NEED our Health Authorities to stop the use of mercury dental fillings because if we get caught up in the ego illusion of needing something then by the Laws of Mind we actually contribute mental energies or thoughts to perpetuate the harm being done!

I discussed the “ego illusion of need” with Dr. Nestor Shapka, “BY THE LAWS OF MIND” if you NEED something to happen, you actually work against your own best efforts and also against everyone else’s best efforts to stop a “wrong, or evil” action. I highly recommend that you read the Conversation with God books by Neale Donald Walsch, (Book 1) where God explains the Laws of Mind and Book 5 Communion with God in which God explains the 10 human illusions, the Illusion of Need being one of the 10 human ego illusions.

We are creative Spiritual Beings. All that is necessary for us to CAUSE our desires and preferred outcomes to manifest is for us to work diligently
towards their fulfillment or full manifestation, in a manner that is informed and emotionally and mentally clear. It is important to be realistic in the
timeline it takes to manifest “Large Desires” or “Dreams” or “Preferences”, when thousands of people are involved and or whenever our Positive-Constructive Dreams are large in size. The Bigger the Dream the more time it can take to manifest.

For example, Gandhi did not free India from British Rule in 2 hours as the movie Gandhi depicted, but rather it took him over 40 years of 100%
commitment to what he strongly reasoned and felt was a JUST CAUSE!  He may have been frustrated at times no doubt, but he did not “burn himself out” and he learned what works and what doesn’t along the Way, as he moved in the direction of what he knew to be Right, Good and True in Principle (that the Indian people were capable of governing themselves).  Studying Gandhi is an excellent role model or example for any Activist to understand the “Frame of Mind” that is required to bring about important improvements that require Mass Consciousness Movement.

In order for any action to be truly successful, it is important to be Emotionally and Mental Clear, that is, a person must do his or her best to work diligently to bring about a desired or preferred outcome, i.e. in this case to convince our health authorities (Health Canada and or one Dentist at the Time) to stop the use of mercury dental fillings, by presenting the facts “TO THOSE WHO ARE OPEN MINDED TO LISTEN” in an honest and respectful manner, and then trusting those who are in positions of authority to act based on the factually sound information that is presented.  Gandhi said: “If you know a truth, speak it with as much love and respect as possible otherwise they will reject the message and the Messenger!”  My observation has been that Most People (Not All People), especially professionals have a great deal of trouble admitting they are doing wrong.

To expand on Understanding what we as individuals can rationally expect to accomplish by our own actions, as one example:

If we are faced with a life and death situation and a person is directly in a position to act to stop the harmful action from occurring then a person of
conscience must act to stop the harmful action.

However, even if the Situation is life and death as it is the Case for some people with mercury poisoning (as millions have these poisonous dental
fillings in their mouth), if the Situation is not something a person is in a position of authority to stop then all a person can do is to work diligently (but not at the level of frustration or need which is a waste of time and energy and counterproductive), to do what one CAN DO, in an emotionally and mentally clear manner, to raise the levels of awareness of the harm that is being done, in one’s own efforts, to work towards stopping the harmful action(s).

Examples of constructive actions in this Case would include writing informative, fact based letters and sending them to the Proper Authorities,
organizing events such as the Mercury Jamboree, informing those who are “open minded”, etc.  Whenever we find ourselves getting frustrated it is time to Back Away for a Moment, to get some rest, as Lao-tzu would say: “When a river encounters an obstacle it either stops and gathers enough water to flow over the obstacle or if it can it flows around the obstacle, but the river does not get angry or frustrated at the obstacle.” This is a Taoist Mindset and this is one example of how Nature Operates. Slowly but surely the river finds its way around the obstacles and to ocean. This is how we must view Health Canada…as an obstacle…but in time when the momentum is sufficient (when the river of awareness and informed people gets big enough) even Health Canada will have to yield and or go with the flow!  Health Canada is already irrelevant to me as I have come to the realization that they are not led by moral or ethical people and so I place no faith in Health Canada to protect my health. I am 100% responsible to protect my own health!

In order to avoid ego frustration/needing things to change and or its opposite, i.e. ego non-action or apathy….I do the following things;

1)  I “Financially Support” Good Organizations and Good People who are headed in the Right Direction. I donate monthly and sometimes annually to those people and to those Organizations such as GreenPeace, Ecojustice, CAPE or Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, David Suzuki Foundation, and many other Good Organizations whom I reason/feel are heading in the “Right Directions” to support those who are Well Organized and who are working towards a “Just Cause” or towards particular objectives, to improve the Quality of Lives of Others.

It is certainly commendable to be an Activist.

But to be a truly successful Activist, one must learn and understand, the following:

(A) To be physically super healthy one Self, through a very healthy diet and lifestyle so that a person has the physical energies to do good, and a
person can recharge daily with organic foods, pure water etc. so as not to burn out.  Even doing good takes energy!  Less energy than doing harm/evil certainly, but it still takes energy to swim upstream!

(B)  To do one’s homework to be as intellectually-wisely informed on the Important Issue at hand. Know your facts. As a wise U.S. Senator would say: “We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts.” As much as possible “facts” and or one’s Case must be based on the 100% honest, objective, pursuit of truth research. In this way a person is able to articulate one’s Case just as a Good Lawyer would do and thus
has the Power of Knowledge to present his/her Case to those who are willing to listen.

(C) A person must work to be as “Emotionally Clear” as possible, by practicing daily emotional clearing (observing, accepting, facing, feeling, integrating one’s hard feelings whatever they are, i.e. frustration is one example of a an emotion which can be integrated) and or study and learn how to do proper emotional clearing as John Ruskan teaches in his great book Emotional Clearing.  Other great books for Emotional Clearing include: What You Feel  You Can Heal, by Dr. John Gray and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman.

(D) A person must be Mentally Fit and understand the Laws of Mind so that one’s thinking is not acting counterproductive, as when a person becomes frustrated or negative in thinking as this acts against the fulfillment of one’s desired outcome.

(E) And spiritually speaking, a person must learn to connect with the Divine Forces, to work in harmony with God, with Nature, listening for Their
Guidance, (intuition and insights) to bring about our desired or preferred improvements in our lives and in our Society.

The teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Lao-Tzu, Confucius, and other Major Change Makers, who have made measurable improvements for every life on earth, these are our Best Teachers and the Conversations with God books are the finest resources I have encountered to intellectually understand how to bring about Positive Shifts in Mass Consciousness.

Also I have learned from my life experience to operate at the level which I am able to and or which I feel intuitively guided to work at and to trust God and Other Enlightened People to do their Part(s) as well.

I do not have to Save the World by my Self. God is in a much better position to do this than I, but I can certainly do my small parts as well.  He’s the Coach, I am one of His player’s.

I trust that if I do my best, at every level which I am able to operate within my time, energies and financial resources, then God, Goddess, and Other
Enlightened Persons, that being you, the person reading this, I trust you will do your part and others will do their part, and pretty soon we will have a Major Awakening Take Place on the Planet. I believe this is already happening as there are hundreds of thousands of people on this Planet who are very Awake and many more are following their lead.

But… if this Awakening… does not happen as quickly as I would like it to happen… I do not let my ego take over my mind and operate at the level of
frustration or need…. because I have been informed and realized that this is counterproductive to my own Personal Health and to the Sustainability of my efforts, and therefore would also be Counter Productive to actively CAUSING my desired and preferred outcomes to occur.

Finally, I deserve to have time to rest and relax and to enjoy life, and so I also do my best to invest some of my time, energies and resources resting,
relaxing and enjoying life (visiting with family and friends), because to become depressed and frustrated or needy serves no one.

These are some of my thoughts on your email below Sandra. I would have more to say, but I reason/feel I have said enough and hope you find this
information helpful in your understanding of how to proceed at a Healthy and Sustainable Pace at working towards the Ban of Mercury Dental Fillings.

Kind Regards,

Joseph Bourgault

= = = = = = = = =

From: Sandra Finley
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2012
Subject: TO:  Mercury Fillings group,   re Obstacles to getting the use stopped

If we cannot achieve success in stopping the use of mercury fillings, something is very wrong.

From past experience I can tell you with certainty:  rational arguments with scientific information supported by personal stories is unlikely to win the day.

Lobbying the Government has a poor record of success.

I am not real fond of banging my head against the wall.

You may be interested in the following.  I was prompted to write it because of a different assault on children that any sane person would put an end to.  Just as any sane person would not put mercury fillings into the mouths of anyone, let alone children.

You don’t know me.  My analysis of the situation is that if we are to stop the use of mercury fillings,  I have to move outside my comfort zone.  The appended explains.  I sent it into my email network today.

SUBJECT:  (click on)  Figure me out.  Figure you out. Salvation is coming.  With help from Hannah Arendt.

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