May 312012

Franke James’ work gives me such a high, I think I must be on drugs!

Try this:   What is Harper Afraid of?

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When I read that Harper put a stop to Franke’s European tour last year, I was going to phone her to verify – I thought it could not be true.

I went to her blog instead.  It IS true and unsettling . . .  But!  Franke simply capitalized on it, in a Wow! sort-of-way.

Click on the video at (About getting on Harper’s Blacklist)

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  • Our first contact with Franke James:   2008-09-30 Dear Prime Minister, Will our children inherit a Canada where polar bears can only be found on Toonies?
  • See also: 2008-09-22 Dear Prime Minister: Why are you making us choose between the economy and the environment?

P.S.   It is REALLY important that Canadians know what’s going on!  If you can forward Franke’s work to others, please do.  Thanks.  /S

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I called Franke just because I couldn’t contain my exuberance, generated by her creativity.  She was out, so I conveyed my congratulations to and through her husband.

They are releasing a youtube, hopefully tomorrow (June 1) with Franke’s voice and music to accompany “What is Harper Afraid of?” (as I  understand).

Check back here:  I’ll add it to this post.

Over and out!


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