Jun 042012

Jim from the U.S. writes:  These are the kinds of DEBATES that must be aired and allowed to actually ALTER U.S. POLICIES!

6 min, Jeremy Scahill says it on The Nation:


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See also:   2012-05-30  The President’s Kill List, The New Yorker, Amy Davidson (Drones).

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What If Herman Cain Had a Kill List?
May 31 2012

Reuters, Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg

Many Democrats trust Obama to order assassinations anywhere on earth based on his judgment. Do they trust whatever Republican next wins?

“What is wrong,” asks Amy Davidson, “with the president sitting in a room, looking at lists and portraits of people — a Somali man, a seventeen-year-old girl, an American citizen — and deciding whom to kill?” If only it were a rhetorical question. In fact, Obama has assigned himself that macabre job, according to reports in the Times and Newsweek that note the enormous faith he has in his own judgment. “It would be more responsible, though, if he had less,” Davidson argues. “If he thought that he was no better than any other president we’ve had or ever will. The point isn’t just the task, or burden, he takes on, but the machine he has built for his successors to use. Perhaps, just to suggest a range, he could picture each of the Republican contenders from this past season being walked through the process, told how it works, shown some of those video clips with tiny people and big explosions, and taking it for a test drive.” Yes, what if that happened?

. . .  (short script for a play of how it might unfold  – – go to the link for the full text)

Yes, it’s very amusing to poke fun at all the dubious figures that run for president. Too bad that Obama hasdecided to aggrandize for every future winner the power to kill anyone on earth, subject only to the whims of whoever happens to be heading the executive branch at the time. If Democrats are uneasy handing that power to Republicans, now is the time to act. They’ve been warned.

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