Sep 282021

“… nonviolent resistance as a political force is still young, its possibilities not yet well enough known, and is thus seldom an incitement to the masses and is seldom encouraged by the media. For all that, those striving for human rights are dependent on our solidarity and the feeling is growing of an ever increasing threat through the power of dictatorships, the armaments race and the immobility of bureaucrats.    (I photographed these words in 1999!)

Gandhi presented the principles of nonviolent resistance to the world, but the methods – corresponding to the various hierarchies – have to be very different, should they lead to success. Through the multiplicity of nonviolent resistance, so rich in ideas, it can be demonstrated that the most powerful effective opposing forces can be mobilized against every form of violence …


The Berlin Wall and the Communist regime in East Germany came down. The non-violent resistance that brought them down is graphically recorded in this homey, old, cramped museum. (The Museum of Non-Violent Resistance is housed in the building known as “Checkpoint Charlie” of Cold War fame, on the demarcation line in Berlin between West and East Germany.)

I first visited the Museum in 1999 at a time when NATO was bombing Kosovo.

This poem was penned by an unknown East German.   It was simply presented.   Fortunately,  the picture I took turned out.

The poem spoke to me then, and always will:


The red-painted tyranny was not

The worst about our tyrants

The worst thereby were we ourselves

All our cowardice and servility

And that we also were the evil ourselves

Just that is the chance and our luck

You see: It works! We also take back

The everlasting human right ourselves

Now we breathe again, we cry and we laugh

the stale sadness out of the breast

man, we are stronger than rats and dragons

– and had forgotten it and always knew.”


Understand the relationship between citizens and democracy.

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