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Margaret Fehr says, Believing this was not a mandatory census, I declined.   Margaret received a labour “survey”.   She is correct, StatsCan surveys are voluntary.  The law on StatsCan “surveys” (happen in between censuses)  is at   Are StatsCan surveys mandatory?  Interpretation of the Law.


Margaret Fehr’s letter-to-the-editor:


Harassed by StatsCan

Margaret Fehr, The StarPhoenix

Published: Saturday, July 31, 2010

I received in the mail a few years ago a notice that a labour census was to be completed for Statistics Canada. Believing this was not a mandatory census, I declined.

What a mistake that was.

For the next year and a half, I was hounded and harassed by Statistics Canada, with rude people arriving on my doorstep. I received phone calls day and night, telling me that I had to take part in the labour census.

Finally, I received a letter on StatsCan letterhead with no date or signature, stating I would be taken to court if I did not comply. I contacted my MP who, being quite familiar with StatsCan tactics, told me not to worry about it.

The next year I received the long form census. One of the questions asked if I prefer to have sex with males or females.

Unfortunately, my dog knocked a full cup of coffee on the form. I sure hope Statistics Canada enjoyed the soggy census!

Margaret Fehr


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