Dec 072012

NOTE:  this is #3 in a series:

  1. 2012-09-02 Bush, Blair should face trial for role in Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu
  2. 2012-09-10 Letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Tutu also calling for arrest of Bush & Blair et al
  3. 2012-09-18 Reply from the International Criminal Court (ICC), Tutu and arrest of Bush
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  One Response to “2012-12-07 Received from International Criminal Court (ICC), “decision not to open an investigation” re prosecution of George Bush”

  1. We do not believe that George W. Bush is warranted a ‘trial’ for War Crimes; he has already confessed, in public forums as well as in writting many times in fact.
    Accordingly, he should simply be taken into custody and “delivered” to the ICC for sentencing.

    If he were a ‘confessed criminal president’ of ANY other nation than the obviously criminal USA, the ‘Americans’ would invade that country to bring the arrogant confessed war criminal to his sentencing; or simply have him ‘drone bomb’–killed–along with anyone else who were standing close to him at the time of impact of the missile.

    “If the USA were any other criminal nation the ‘Americans’ would invade the USA to keep the world safe; and they would be justified”.

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