Jan 152012



  • George Laliberte seeks redress:   He was not informed of trial in which he was the defendant (involves McKercher Law Firm, the Liberal Party of Canada and Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott).


  • January 17, 2012  Justice Popescul, Court of Queen’s Bench, Saskatoon Docket QBG No. 387 of 2006, Citation 2012 SKQB 23 finds that George Laliberte made defamatory statements about Maurice Vellacott.  Vellacott is awarded $5000 to be paid by Laliberte.

Laliberte did not know that he was on trial.   He finds out because reporters phone him to discover his reaction to the Court award.

  • George Laliberte commences action to cause McKercher Law Firm and the Liberals to be held responsible and accountable for their actions.  In February 2012 lawyer Jack Hillson, acting on behalf of Laliberte went to the Court House to obtain Court documents.  Hillson talks with Hesje and withdraws from representing Laliberte because of conflict-of-interest, Liberal Party.


  • Feb 28, Laliberte files his own complaint against McKercher with the Law Society.


  • March 27, the Law Society forwards the file to the Designate Complaints Officer, John McIntosh QC, Swift Current.


  • August 28, the Law Society sent George the decision of the Complaints Officer:   Page 9,


It is almost impossible to believe that in Canada a matter could proceed to the highest Court levels and even to Judgment, without the knowledge of the defendant. If Laliberte’s allegations are true, as I conclude that they are, his case presents a frightening reality.  It would mean that, in effect, Laliberte was denied the opportunity of defending himself. Even if the outcome were to be the same in any event, there is the principle of allowing an individual a fair hearing, which has merit of its own.   . . .

  • October   Karen Prisciak QC is hired by the Law Society to deal with the complaint.


  •  May 13, 2013.   The Law Society issues formal charges against Froese and Hesje.

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