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As at January,  2015

RE:  Defamation of Maurice Vellacott during 2006 Federal Election, from Liberal Campaign Office for candidate Chris Axworthy

1.     (This list of documents)

2.     2012-03-23 George Laliberte, Statement of Intent

3.     Summary & Time-Line

4.     2012-01-17   Laliberte: Justice Popescul decision, Court of Queen’s Bench

5.       2012-02-27 Laliberte:  Statement of Facts submitted to Law Society of Sask (re Defamation Vellacott)

6.       2012-03-28 Laliberte:  Law Society reply to Statement of Facts, assigning Complaints Officer John McIntosh, providing Complaints Process

7.       2012-04-02 Tim Froese (McKercher) response to complaint by Laliberte

8.       2012-04-28 Complaints Officer questions, including “Did you ever see (Statement of Defence) before? Did you agree to it?”

9.       Attachment to letter from Complaints Officer.  May 4, 2006 Statement of Defence filed with Court of Queen’s Bench by McKercher “lawyer in charge of file” Joel Hesje

10.     2012-05-09  Laliberte:  Reply to Law Society Complaints Officer (Did you ever see these documents?)

11.      2012-07-20 Laliberte:  Answer to question from Complaints Officer re competency of submissions

12.      2012-08-28 Laliberte:  Decision of the Complaints Officer, sent from the Law Society

13.    2012-12-11 Laliberte: Lawyer Karen Prisciak re Law Society and Tim Froese.  Advises awaiting response from Hesje.  

14.     2012-12-17   Statute of Limitations and potential civil litigation, Laliberte vs McKercher and Laliberte vs Liberal Party

15.     DRAFT  cover letters   to accompany the Statements of Claim that will be filed with Court of Queen’s Bench:

  • Laliberte v. McKercher LLP
  • Laliberte v. Liberal Party of Canada

16.       2013-02-07  Prisciak to Laliberte conveying copy of Hesje response to charges, made Jan 22, 2013.

17.       Record of Laliberte meeting with Prisciak, February,  2013

18.       2013-05-30  Prisciak to Laliberte with copies of charges against Froese and Hesje 

19.       2015-01-18    The decision of the SKCA to which Hesje appealed the finding of unprofessional conduct only:


Accessible to the public on the Law Society web-site.

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