Jan 132013


  One Response to “A “Best Marijuana Argument” by Retired Californai Judge James Gray”

  1. How about a $25.00 dollar fee for growing your own pot [a $100.00 fine for not paying the fee] nomore HA involvment $325.00 an ounce for them. the police would have to cut back on growops operations tax savings there. with the lawyers and non-smokers clamering for a large tax I say with the fee for the goverment it’s all profit and with the rest of the money it stays local and spent within the commuity and taxed less for prisons and incarseration of indiviuals more for R&D within the Provences and States for the tax payer it’s a triple or a quadruple home run. taxed pot less for law inforcement less prisoners and more spending in the community. YEA

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