Jan 132011

I am shocked, the lawyer (Steve Seiferling) is shocked.   The Charter Right to Privacy of personal information is clearly articulated in the law. 

The date for sentencing may be next week. 

I will be meeting with Steve later today after he has reviewed the 40-page decision.   It is hard for me to imagine the circumstances under which I would not appeal the decision.  

I don’t have an electronic or scanned copy of the decision yet.  I’ll make it available on-line when I do. 

Will keep you posted on developments. 

And hey, what a world we live in!   It’s as though they want to give me lots more opportunities to talk about Lockheed Martin’s role in Canada!  Thank-you, thank-you, I will do my best to make good use. 

Do not hold me to this, because I don’t know if anyone would come out to a public meeting on the topic:  maybe I will need to do a speaking tour to explain things and to raise money for legal costs.   I expected not only to be found innocent;  I expected I would be awarded costs.   The guilty verdict is my comeuppance for being confident I guess! 



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