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  1. The title of the research referred to below is  Pre-clinical Evaluation of Resin Sealing on Amalgam Microleakage in Primary Class I Molars. 

Dave writes:

“microleakage” refers to leakage that occurs between the tooth and the filling when these fillings get older.  It isn’t referring to mercury gassing off.  As micro-leakage occurs there is a greater risk of decay between the filling and tooth. These leakages are sometimes repaired by using composite to seal them over.

Also note the language:  microleakage.  It’s equivalent to the phrase “Depleted Uranium (DU)”  to describe very radioactive, toxic material.

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Hi Sandra……one of my customers / friends sent this to me. …


Thanks for the info on this – very interesting to see some of the other material from IAOMT besides what you had told me.  You can bet I will be doing more Internet research!  I will be fwd’g this to my dentist too – no sure what kind of reaction that will have… 

Interestingly enough, I found a fall newsletter from the University of SK Dental College with a reference to amalgam microleakage being investigated by two third year students, though I can’t seem to find any details.  They both should be well established dentists now – wonder what they found out?  It also makes you realize that the dental world darn well knows about this… 


Ashley Fidyk & Marie Hawreluik (Supervisor: Dr. A. Koneru)

Pre-clinical Evaluation of Resin Sealing on

Amalgam Microleakage in Primary Class I Molars

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NOTE (Sandra speaking):   I entered “leakage” and did a  “search” on the Newsletter, in order to find the reference to the “amalgam microleakage being investigated”.

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