Jun 132013

Record of Laliberte meeting with Prisciak, February,  2013 

Karen Prisciak: 

The Law Society (L.S.) should be on its way doing their job.

Don’t know where they will be going.  Three options:

  1. Might just let it go
  2. Go to disciplinary action
  3. Send it to a higher level

Karen will call George by the end of March (one of the L.S. team working on this is on holiday).

George Laliberte (306-979-9315) told Karen:

He expected the kind of answer made by Hesje.

Is glad that Hesje assumed responsibility.

But everything is as before.


George told Karen his belief that people in the justice system know how to cover each other up.  He has no faith in the justice system.


“If I had been there, I don’t think it would have gone the way it did.  I was not there to represent myself.”

They said they couldn’t contact me.

They didn’t WANT to contact me.  Didn’t want me there.

The Star Phoenix was able to contact me with no problem.


Re  Hesje’s answer:  he is forgetting what this is all about.  He says I was their client but I was not.


After the meeting with Vellacott I did not hear anything from Hesje.

I thought it was Done, gone, done with.

They were not representing me.

(George had never hired the services of McKercher.  The Liberal Party was “looking after it”.)

Six years later I hear about a judgment against me.

George asked Karen if he needed a lawyer (regarding the L.S.).


No, I am representing you.

The L.S. has taken charge.

I am working for  them.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

(George, a question concerning  “Doesn’t address Liberals.”  (Hesje’s answer)  do you recall, was that something that you mentioned in your conversation with Karen?  Not sure.)

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