Oct 182015
2015-10-10  Hundreds of thousands shut down Berlin to protest "Trojan Horse" - - Monsanto's dream trade deal.  The Guardian

The TTIP protest in Berlin this past weekend drew hundreds of thousands. PHOTO: EFE/EPA/KAY NIETFELD http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/10/berlin-anti-ttip-trade-deal-rally-hundreds-thousands-protesters#_=_ Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Berlin on Saturday to oppose a planned free trade deal between the European Union and the United States that is claimed to be anti-democratic and to threaten food safety and environmental standards. […]

Oct 162015
2015-10-16  Texas Oil Tycoon T. Boone Pickens' $700-Million NAFTA Lawsuit Against Ontario Nears End, NY Times & Huffington Post

UPDATE:   see  2016-04-02 NAFTA Chapter 11: Tribunal rules against Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens in lawsuit over Ontario wind farms – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – (Note:  Should you wish, New York Times, October 15 – a bit more detailed version […]

Jun 172015

Related: (2015-04-18)  Hundreds of Millions of Dollars already paid out to corporations because of trade deals. It’s about to multiply many times over (TPP, CETA, etc.). (2013-11-09)   Contrast: Transatlantic Trade Deals (CETA & TTIP), also TPP vs “We Are Living in the World Occupy Made” (2013-06-11)    CETA (also about GMO’s): Canada ready to raise threshold […]

May 132015
2014-01-28   Kerry signals advance of 'North American Union' plan  (TPP).   Map of countries.

http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/kerry-signals-advance-of-north-american-union-plan/ by Jerome Corsi   NEW YORK – It was in last year’s State of the Union address that President Obama announced an ambitious trade agreement negotiated behind closed doors with North American and Pacific Rim nations – the Trans-Pacific Partnership – that drew little attention. Now, ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union address, […]

Apr 292015
2015-04-24  The Case That Blew the Lid Off the World Bank’s Secret Courts

The system of closed-door trade tribunals has been around for decades now, nestled like a ticking time bomb into hundreds of smaller bilateral trade agreements between nations. (Photo: Backbone Campaign)   http://fpif.org/the-case-that-blew-the-lid-off-the-world-banks-secret-courts/ How Bolivian protesters and global activists exposed the dark side of global trade pacts and paved the way for the battles to come. […]

Apr 282015
2015-04-21  "Free Trade" deals:  Maude Barlow in Conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Huffington Post

  By Sujata Dey Berlin — Yesterday (April 20, 2015),  Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, challenged the Canada-European Union Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) and other trade deals in a panel discussion with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. During the panel, Chancellor Merkel presented her G7 presidency priorities. “While the themes […]

Apr 182015

Arising out of: 2015-04-15    A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That And More, David Korten, Yes! Magazine   I remind Canadians of how much we are already paying out to Corporations for fines under NAFTA.   One example: 2015-03-06 We Canadians get to gift Exxon/Mobil […]

Apr 182015
2015-04-15   UPDATE TPP:  A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That And More, David Korten

We have been engaged in the battle over the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) since October 2012.   Americans, Canadians, and people in the “Partnership” countries are fighting it.  It is a deal for corporations, at terrible expense to citizens. Julian Assange (Wikileaks) published the early leaks about the TPP. Our American colleagues have been successful in fighting down one aspect of […]

Mar 072015
2015-03-06   We Canadians get to gift Exxon/Mobil  $17.3 million!  (compliments of NAFTA)

ExxonMobil is the operator of the Hibernia oil project off Newfoundland’s east coast.   CBC NOTE:  the Atlantic Accord under which the R&D money was to go to the Province has been in place since 1985, for 25 years.  Would they not have known about it? ALSO – there’s the list of other even more egregious […]

Jan 142015
2015-01-14  FTA's Chapter 11 Makes Canada Most-Sued Country Under Free Trade Tribunals, Huffington Post

by Sunny Freeman The AbitibiBowater saw mill in Mackenzie, British Columbia May 15, 2008. The pulp-and-paper company won the largest settlement against Canada under NAFTA investor-state dispute mechanisms: $130 million. | CP  Canada is the most-sued country under the North American Free Trade Agreement and a majority of the disputes involve investors challenging the country’s […]