Sep 052018

You know how the mafia works?   . . .  controlling territory, providing “protection” services, collecting protection money,  rewarding your henchmen, punishing the disloyal (those who go to a competing boss)?

View Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as 2 competing MAFIA bosses.

The big money in Canada expected Hillary to win the election.   If they contributed to the Clinton Foundation,  they can expect big paybacks.

2016-11-07   How Bill and Hillary raised and earned millions from Canada’s corporate elite, G&M

The amounts of money paid by Canadian businessmen to the Clinton Foundation are staggering!

They expected payback, when Hillary Clinton became President.

But Hillary didn’t win.

Trump will punish the people who supported his rival MAFIA boss.

NAFTA, Canada ?  – – over Trump’s dead body.  HE is the boss.

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