May 312019
2019-05-30  Tax Fairness Weekly

Canadians for Tax Fairness does important work.   As you’ll see in this weekly report, the problem of tax fairness is international.   People from around the world are working shoulder-to-shoulder – – we shall overcome. I shake my head when I see progress in other countries;  Canada is lagging.  BUT!  forward the Tax Fairness Weekly […]

May 072019

Chris writes: I’d dearly love to hear your take on the 2019, just out, Census ‘Test’.  Again, another mandatory (or is it?) survey… or rather ‘test’ (?) A precursor to the yet to come 2021 all citizen Census. An attempt to see just how far they can push the types of questions they ask. This […]

May 022019
2019-04-15  Politics of Culture in US: 'The Invisible Hand of the Market'? by Canadian Arnold August,  teleSUR

by Arnold August Although this article was published in the original Spanish version last March, now that Julian Assange is in prison the analysis in this piece on “freedom of expression” is even more valid. There is a wide-open debate/polemic in Cuba regarding Decree 349 on culture and the drafting of the rules for its […]

May 022019
2019-04-18  Jimmy Carter Lectures Trump: US Is ‘Most Warlike Nation in History of the World', teleSUR

By:Brett Wilkins  Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter makes remarks at a luncheon following a morning symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt. | Photo: Reuters The former president says peaceful China “ahead of us in almost every way.” The only U.S. president to complete his term without war, […]

May 022019
2019-05-02   Maduro Marches With Army: The Future of Venezuela Is Peace, teleSUR

Canada is a full participant in U.S. foreign policy. RELATED POSTING: 2019-03-10 What in hell is the “Bolivarian Revolution”? Important to understanding why we (Canada) has threatened war on Venezuela Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduroleads soldiers at a military base in Caracas, Venezuela Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro marches with the military and thanks them for ‘demonstrating […]

Mar 102019

RELATED TO:  2019-02-21  Venezuela: US/Canadian Attempted Coup Not About Democracy – Paul Jay (Pt1/2) (Real News Network) There’s all those revolutions – –  the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, Revolutions in China that we  know nothing about, the Cuban Revolution, Revolutions in 1848 all over Europe, the Haitian, the Iranian,  the Industrial […]

Feb 282019

Julian Assange (Wikileaks) published the American plans for Canada in 2011: An embassy cable written by US Ambassador David Wilkins the day the Conservatives were first elected in 2006 suggests Harper would be useful in advancing the US agenda for Canada and that giving him ” a success story” like the softwood lumber deal would […]

Feb 282019

RELATED:   2019-02-23   propaganda flourishes if you kill Julian Assange. . . Americans and Canadians vis-a-vis Venezuela, Canadians to buy warships for $105 Billion, Lockheed Martin, Corruption   On Campus News,  U of S.   Feb 8, 2019 The centre fold, pages 8 – 9,  view the images.  From serving overseas to earning degrees,Veteran of […]

Feb 262019
2019-02-22  It's taboo to talk about Canada's real corporate scandal,, Matthew Behrens

How do I thank Matthew Behrens and for this contribution to all Canadians?   (besides sending them a donation)  May God and Allah all the Gods bless them! Matthew Behrens While the SNC-Lavalin scandal has torn another strip off the “sunny ways” prime minister, there’s another corporate scandal that makes the financial figures in that […]

Feb 212019
2019-02-21  'Investigate US for War Crimes' in Venezuela: Saint Vincent PM,  teleSUR

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro received Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenedines Ralph Gonsalves, Sep. 17, 2016 | Photo: EFE Dr. Hon. Gonsalves, the prime minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines spoke out against the U.S. sanctions and the interventionist efforts in Venezuela.   (INSERT:  FYI.  St Vincent and the Grenadines is a […]