Mar 042019
2019-03-04   Panama Papers documentary premieres in Canada this week,  Canadians for Tax Fairness

Subscribe to our mailing list Panama Papers documentary premieres in Canada this week Pass the popcorn. A documentary about one of the most explosive leaks in history makes its Canadian debut this week in Toronto. The Panama Papers tells the story of how a global network of investigative journalists worked together to uncover widespread use […]

Feb 262019
2019-02-22  It's taboo to talk about Canada's real corporate scandal,, Matthew Behrens

How do I thank Matthew Behrens and for this contribution to all Canadians?   (besides sending them a donation)  May God and Allah all the Gods bless them! Matthew Behrens While the SNC-Lavalin scandal has torn another strip off the “sunny ways” prime minister, there’s another corporate scandal that makes the financial figures in that […]

Feb 142019

To:  Persons who spoke out concerning Peter MacKinnon’s appointment to presidency of Dal, There’s more to the background of Dalhousie presidents Peter MacKinnon and before him, Richard Florizone, than told in the news report. Dissent arises when there are conflicting interests,  inimical to the public interest.  If anyone should understand and uphold the tenets of […]

Feb 132019
2019-01-30  The Timber West trial, .  Sappers.  Role of Pension funds in corruption. And of contributions to political parties.

Rich Coleman Fighting Order to Testify in TimberWest Trial Legislature ‘technically’ in session, so ex-minister can ignore subpoena, lawyer argues. By Andrew MacLeod  Excerpts: TimberWest’s donations to the BC Liberals included $44,685 in 2007, $14,738 in 2008 and $60,988 in 2009. . . . TimberWest was eventually sold to two funds that manage pension money for […]

Feb 062019
2019-02-06  Rethinking Watergate in the Trump Age With New Documentary

  by Alex Ritman BETTMAN/GETTY IMAGES/courtesy of BERLIN film festival Charles Ferguson on Nixon: “He was a complicated person, and there were parts of him that were very serious and even idealistic.” Nine years after winning an Oscar for his financial crisis doc ‘Inside Job,’ documentarian Charles Ferguson lands in Berlin with a four-hour, two-part […]

Dec 052018
2018-11-30   Meet the Guatemalan villagers taking a Canadian mining company to court, CBC Documentary, Peter Mansbridge

In Search of a Perfect World: Angelica & German Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted in 1948, the growing global economy has created new challenges. With operations that can span several different countries, large multinational corporations, such as mining and extraction companies, can act with impunity, without state oversight or the control […]

Nov 052018

Background for: 2018-11-01 Alberta regulator privately estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions more than what it told the public, National Observer ALBERTA,  Oil patch liabilities “hundreds of billions”.    Means ALL Canadians will pay.   Or . . . – – – – – – – – – – “HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS” – CORRUPTION OF […]

Nov 052018

(This was originally Item #2  in 2010-02-11   Manipulators without conscience. This is your food. Bayer’s GM rice. Triffid (U of S) GM flax.  Jane Jacobs on separation of commerce and governance.)   THE PROBLEMS WE GET INTO WHEN WE DO NOT HAVE A SEPARATION OF POWERS BETWEEN THE STATE AND COMMERCE: JANE JACOBS The GM […]