Apr 282018

Chief Maureen Thomas said: Short clip, 2016, Chief Maureen Thomas (National Observer). Transcribed,  (29 second marker): At the end of the day, it comes right down to   water,  food.  For us, a number of our community members have fallen ill because the shellfish is so poisoned.  They continue to eat it. When you keep depleting […]

Apr 262018

Jim Harding’s new book (Jan 2018),  Moving Beyond: Neo-liberalism in Saskatchewan Jim writes: See our new website at  QVEA.CA Also I have a new short book out which looks back at our Saskatchewan political history from a “green” perspective. You can download at my webpage: crowsnestecology.wordpress.com – – – – – – – – – […]

Apr 252018

My appreciation to Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee for his patience in the CBC interview of him, and for taking the nuclear waste issue to the United Nations. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/nuclear-waste-disposal-in-canada-is-an-accident-waiting-to-happen-says-indigenous-leader-1.4629258 Nuclear waste disposal in Canada is ‘an accident waiting to happen,’ says Indigenous leader ‘People are gambling with people’s lives,’ says grand council chief of the […]

Mar 232018

Catherine McKenna was interviewed on CBC Radio – – 2018-03-18   Environment minister Catherine McKenna on contradiction at heart of Canada’s energy policy, CBC Sunday Edition Three days earlier,  Justin Trudeau’s government sees nuclear energy as “an important part of Canada’s current clean energy basket”and is lobbying foreign nations to include it in climate change talks […]

Mar 222018

The Guardian is in the U.K.   This article uses the term “fly-tipping”,  not a term we use here.  I looked it up:  as I understand, it is “tipping”  (as in garbage being “tipped” from a truck at a dump) and “on the fly” meaning “in a hurry” or “on the run”.   In this context, it […]

Mar 212018

(Scroll down to the announcement from Tufts.) ECONOMIC INDICATORS: JUST ONE of the problems:   The Accounting system defines what is included in “Operating Costs”.  Then, (simplified):  Revenue minus Expenses (costs) is Profit.   Profits are available for distribution to Investors.   The fewer costs you pay, the more that can be paid to investors (and […]

Mar 192018
2018-03-18   Environment minister Catherine McKenna on contradiction at heart of Canada's energy policy, CBC Sunday Edition

http://www.cbc.ca/radio/thesundayedition/the-sunday-edition-march-18-2018-1.4579165/environment-minister-catherine-mckenna-on-the-contradiction-at-the-heart-of-canada-s-energy-policy-1.4579184 Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna says the Kinder Morgan pipeline can be part of the transition from fossil fuels to a low-carbon economy. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)   Oil pipelines have been touted as nation-building projects in Canada, a term that evokes bold feats of nation-spanning infrastructure, such as the Canadian Pacific […]

Mar 172018
2017-08-17  Cameco wins PROCEDURAL victory, offshore 'transfer pricing' tax battle (avoided declaring $4.9 billion income), (doesn't mean they've won the case) Financial Post

Just checking the progress of the CRA (Revenue Canada) case against Cameco. Related:   2013-05-01   Cameco’s $800-million tax battle, Globe & Mail The uranium producer estimates it has avoided declaring $4.9-billion in Canadian income, saving it $1.4-billion in taxes, over the last 10 years. Cameco has blocked the government’s attempt to force 25 of the company’s […]