Dec 232012

I am highly motivated, this hits close to my home (explained in a later posting), and to the international efforts in the wake of Fukushima. QUESTION:  What eventually happened to the moratorium on uranium development in Virginia?  (We participated in June 2011, item #4 below). RESPONSE: Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling took up the cause (#2 […]

Dec 232012

Bolling is referred to as “lame-duck”  . . .  journalistic integrity? TWO OTHER EXCERPTS FROM THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE BELOW: 1.  After three years as the governor’s economic development czar, Bolling shocked Capitol Square last week by announcing his opposition to uranium mining in Virginia, a venture that represents billions of dollars in profits for […]

Dec 232012

Read below, and/or listen to Bolling speaking to the issue.  The arguments are very well stated (13 minutes): BY TIFFANY HOLLAND, Danville Register and Bee, December 14 2012 Uranium mining opponents gained a useful ally Friday. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling visited Danville and publicly declared his opposition to lifting Virginia’s uranium mining moratorium. “After considering all […]

Nov 272012

By Jason Warick An offer by uranium giants Cameco Corp. and Areva could soon deliver jobs, cash payments and other benefits to the northern community of Pinehouse, but some residents worry it’s a thinly veiled attempt to buy their silence. Gary Merasty, Cameco’s vice-president of corporate social responsibility, said “collaboration agreements” are being negotiated with […]

Jul 142012

Please click on this link:    CCNI docs from U of S Council Mtg 22 Sep 2011 The document begins with AGENDA ITEM NO: 9.3, UNIVERSITY COUNCIL PLANNING AND PRIORITIES COMMITTEE REQUEST FOR DECISION PRESENTED BY: Bob Tyler, Chair, Planning and Priorities Committee DATE OF MEETING: September 22, 2011 SUBJECT: Proposal to establish the Canadian Centre […]

Jul 102012

The article is in relation to Alberta.  Looks like everything now shifted to Saskatchewan.  Except that the first bullet below (a quote) is cautionary. Brad Wall spells out “small reactor technology” to “develop our oil sands”: May 2007, as leader of the opposition   2007-05-23  Nuclear: Brad Wall spells out “small reactor technology” to “develop our […]

Jul 082012

Pacific Northwest Summit (Government and Business): 15 University Presidents will be in attendance.    See  below, (2)   PACIFIC NORTHWEST SUMMIT STARTS SUNDAY. Note: The Idaho National Laboratory role is a nuclear one.  Both Alberta and Saskatchewan have signed contracts related to nuclear collaboration with Idaho N.L.. You will see below the programme at Idaho University whereby […]

Jul 082012

People cannot appreciate the seriousness of the situation if the interconnections are not understood. SHORTCUT:  if you have time limitations, read only the CHRONOLOGY. The information in this series of postings, from the public record (not my imaginings), shows: the intention for radioactive waste disposal from a number of countries IN ONE PLACE the cooperation […]

Jul 082012 Premier Brad Wall said Thursday he envisions an ambitious project involving the federal government, SaskPower and one of the uranium companies located in the province that would see Saskatchewan playing a lead role in the research and development of nuclear power. By The Leader-Post (Regina)  March 28, 2008 Speaking to reporters, Wall said he […]