Aug 072017

(The links work;  I don’t know why the line is through them.) Please help stop more corporate takeover; Politicians who sell us out.  Add your name to the petition:  Christy Clark lost her position as Premier of B.C., in large part due to her servicing of corporate interests, and the money flowing into the […]

Jul 292017
2017-07-28  How an Ontario mom fended off a $120K libel lawsuit over her Facebook posts,  CBC RELATED POSTINGS: 2016-07-29 ‘What law am I breaking?’ How a Facebook troll came undone 2015-09-30 Cyberbullying, an issue of free speech. Salman Rushdie, a guiding light.  2015-09-24 Urgent action needed to combat online (“cyber”) violence against women and girls, UN report Katie Mohammed has been awarded $7,500 in damages under Ontario’s anti-SLAPP laws. (Katie […]

Jul 092017
2017-07-07  What if Omar Khadr isn’t guilty?   National Observer By Sandy Garossino in Opinion, Politics | July 7th 2017 Omar Khadr (right) speaks with his lawyer Dennis Edney in Edmonton on May 7, 2015. File photo by The Canadian Press Editor’s Note: This story contains images some readers may find disturbing.   The controversy surrounding Omar Khadr’s reported $10.5-million settlement for Ottawa’s complicity in his oppressive […]

May 112017

Banksters: Index The report notes that only the most profitable, least-risky projects will be privatized With thanks to CUPE for making G&M material available  (G&M requires subscription): Newly-released government documents expose the privatization plans at the heart of the Liberal’s proposed infrastructure bank The Globe and Mail is reporting on government briefings that show the Canada […]

May 032017

Banksters: Index I am hopeful that a read of excerpts (scroll down) from the book will impel more people to the book. It is well written, well laid out, an easy read – – 148 pages.   The sources are foot-noted through the Endnotes.   It is highly important.  You will learn a lot.  Many thanks to Joyce […]

Apr 282017

Banksters: Index The email I sent to everyone, to tie together Barton. With a prefacing note: Hi Lou, I think too many Canadians are unaware. If they take the 29 minutes to listen to the interview of Barton, and time to skim what Perkins explains (links below), they may change their mind about remaining dis-engaged. […]

Apr 262017

Banksters: Index See also, excerpts: Ch. 38, Your Friendly Banker as EHM Ch. 40, Istanbul: Tools of Modern Empire Click on the small grey text at the top of this posting, John Perkins (category) for videos with John Perkins. Excerpts, Chapter 34 “INSERTS” are mine, Sandra Finley.   And I added emphasis on some text. PART […]

Apr 262017

Banksters: Index See also, excerpts from Chapters 34 and 40: Ch. 34, New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, 2016. Ch. 40, Istanbul: Tools of Modern Empire, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (EHM), John Perkins, 2016. Click on the small grey text at the top of this posting, John Perkins […]