Aug 242021

Orwell was prescient.  Incredibly valuable to our times.

I listened again to the young people in:

2018-01-22 TimberWest and Professional Reliance, Great Bear Rainforest. EBM, corruption through de-regulation and Orwellian new speak.

And re-read or skimmed postings such as the following.  How wonderful it is that Canadians are finally getting the message!

2012-04-20 Frank Luntz teaches Conservatives how to say it. “Language gurus train politicians in the fine art of never-ending conversation that is devoid of substance and truth”. CBC Radio, Michael’s Essay: The Orwell Gospel.


2010-09-25 Statement to legislators. Contradiction in proposed legislation, simultaneous Mandatory and Voluntary. IMPORANT re George Orwell’s double think & newspeak


2021-08-20 Mass Psychosis


2020-09-22 re Election & The Rule of Law. Orwell’s Animal Farm. Arendt’s “We didn’t INTEND..”, the Banality of Evil. (Fixed Election Dates)


2019-03-13 The Ombudsman will fail. They have a problem with “Trust” but fail to identify that the problems are INHERENT in the system. “Extractive Sector Corporate Responsibility“. SNC Lavalin, and who comes next?  Orwell.  Jane Jacobs.


2019-03-09 The SNC Lavalin debacle: Why is it not asked . . .? Email to the CBC.


2019-03-03  John Pilger: ‘Defy the Thought Police’, Stand With Assange


2017-06-13 He says Canadians do not have a Charter Right to Privacy & Canadians just don’t care about democracy, CBC The Sunday Edition. And Orwell.

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