Nov 012015
2015-11-01  University administers forced to quit - - what's behind it?

Below:  Why Tim Wolfe’s resignation from the University of Missouri is a warning for all universities    (forced resignations of the President and Chancellor). The author advises the universities:  Listen to your customers.  (and students) Appended:  Links to some other articles. It’s more than Missouri and it’s more than not hearing. Comment:   WHAT’S BEHIND THE FORCED […]

Nov 012015
2015-11-11  Online threats against blacks net arrest at Missouri campus

Recommend:  go to the URL.  The top video is worthwhile.  A back-up copy of the text follows. RELATED:  2011-11-01 University administers forced to quit – – what’s behind it? – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –​ AP   By SUMMER […]

Oct 162015

By Jason Warick   The University of Saskatchewan logo can be seen in this StarPhoenix file photo Photograph by: Greg Pender , the StarPhoenix   A University of Saskatchewan professor is one of several prominent North American academics under fire for undeclared connections to agri-business giant Monsanto. At Monsanto’s request, the scientists wrote papers supporting […]

Oct 152015

UNIVERSITY SENATE    Oct 2015 PROPOSAL, NEW ECONOMICS   Submitted by Sandra Finley, Senate Member-At-Large   CLIMATE CHANGE is a most pressing issue.   The world needs to do everything that can be done, and urgently.   Individuals, especially leaders, need to be innovative and step up. Economics that do not account for resource depletion and degradation are […]

Oct 142015

These 3 youtubes cover the ground on ecological economics very well:     “CRASH COURSE” in Ecological Economics (Jon Erickson)     Nate Hagens // From Wall St. to Ecological Economics // Part 1 ]     Interview, William Rees – The Dangerous Disconnect Between Economics and Ecology.  Institute for New Economic Thinking

Oct 052015 This month, the University of Victoria is launching a very exclusive MBA program — it’s only open to Telus employees. The program will be taught primarily by UVic faculty, but it’s being paid for by Telus. The company also played a role in its design. Dan Pontefract is Chief Envisioner with the Telus Transformation Office, the […]

Sep 172015
2015-09-17  Seroxat (Paxil) study under-reported harmful effects on young people, say scientists.    Comment.

I am especially upset when it is children who are affected by the deceits.   Upset (angry!) is the wrong word.   I am fueled to continue. I  commented on the appended article in the Guardian, and contacted the parties who have worked so tirelessly in the public interest, to thank them.  My Comment: Moonbean says “Thanks to […]

Sep 122015
2015-09-12   The Neoliberal Arts,  How college sold its soul to the market.  Harper's Magazine.

September 12, 2015: [The aftermath of 9/11][Disarmament][Refugees][Rupert Murdoch] Essay — From the September 2015 issue The Neoliberal Arts How college sold its soul to the market By William Deresiewicz Download Pdf Read Online Single Page Print Page ( 2 of 8 )   This is education in the age of neoliberalism. Call it Reaganism or […]

Sep 032015

RE  John Pilger’s  documentary, The War You Don’t See   Journalists, administrators speak frankly of their personal shame for reporting the propaganda spewed out by the Government spin doctors (propaganda) for the Iraq War.     (At the URL  scroll down through the white space,  there’s a white bar,  click on the left end of it.) It takes courage to […]

Sep 022015

Universities need a new model of governance, Globe&Mail, by Julie Cafley Text and URL to access the on-line Comments is appended. MY RESPONSE:  Cafley does not mention the large problem of corporate infiltration of educational institutions.  Fortunately, many of the Comments do. Will the professor steadfastly serve the public interest in unbiased research and teaching […]