May 172018

From: Gord.Johns   (my MP) Sent: May 16, 2018 Subject: RE: Canada should ban bee-killing neonics in 2018! Dear Sandra, Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the decision made by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) regarding the use of the neonicotinoid pesticide imidacloprid. Like you, the NDP wants decisions to […]

May 172018
2018-03-09   Study says neonicotinoid ban not the answer, Western Producer

By Robin Booker A study into the presence of neonicotinoids in Canadian waterways suggests a ban or restriction of neonicotinoid seed treatments is not necessary. | File photo A study into the presence of neonicotinoids in Canadian waterways suggests a ban or restriction of neonicotinoid seed treatments is not necessary. The Environmental Monitoring Working Group […]

May 172018 Note:  During the public consultation for imidacloprid, approximately 46,000 comments were received. Update on the Neonicotinoid Pesticides 19 December 2017 PDF Version – 125 K Introduction This document provides a progress report on Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) ongoing assessments of the neonicotinoid insecticides (last update on the Neonicotinoid Pesticides, 2017). The […]

May 172018
2017-11-13  Neonics linked to songbird deaths, Western Producer

By Robert Arnason Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have found that canola seed coated with imidacloprid, a type of neonicotinoid, can be toxic to songbirds. | File photo Scientists have conducted dozens of studies on neonicotinoid seed treatments and the potential impact on bee health. Now, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have found […]

May 172018

by Robert Arnason Health Canada proposed last November to ban imidacloprid, an insecticide applied to fruit, vegetables, potatoes and many other crops across the country. Twelve months have passed since the announcement, but Canadian farmers who use the insecticide will have to wait another year to know if it’s banned or not. “Health Canada is […]

May 172018

This information is available and known.  Wikipedia has a write-up, with sources foot-noted.   From Wikipedia.   Imidacloprid.  The last item is: Regulation Neonicotinoids banned by the European Union See also: Neonicotinoid § European Union In February 2018, the European Food Safety Authority published a new report indicating that neonicotinoids pose a serious danger to both […]

May 172018
2017-06-08   Health Canada holds off on neonicotinoid ban, Western Producer

By Robert Arnason Environment Canada data from 2012-14 showed that imidacloprid concentrations were highest in creeks and streams in southern Ontario, particularly in areas with intensive vegetable, fruit and grape production. | Getty photo Health Canada won’t issue a final decision on whether it will ban imidacloprid for at least six months, says a horticultural […]

May 172018   Boston, MA – The likely culprit in sharp worldwide declines in honeybee colonies since 2006 is imidacloprid, one of the most widely used pesticides, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH). The authors, led by Chensheng (Alex) Lu, associate professor of environmental exposure biology in the Department of […]

Mar 212018

(Scroll down to the announcement from Tufts.) ECONOMIC INDICATORS: JUST ONE of the problems:   The Accounting system defines what is included in “Operating Costs”.  Then, (simplified):  Revenue minus Expenses (costs) is Profit.   Profits are available for distribution to Investors.   The fewer costs you pay, the more that can be paid to investors (and […]

Mar 012018
2018-02-26  A New Website Names and Shames Universities and Companies Who Fail to Report Clinical Trials, Pacific Standard

In 10 years, the government has never fined anyone for breaking a law about reporting clinical trials. A new effort is trying to push things along. Francie Diep (Photo: rawpixel/Unsplash) Every day, the numbers tick upward. It began with $70,000 last Monday. That Wednesday, it was $170,000. Today, it’s $624,726. That’s how much the […]