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I was a statistic in the 1952-53 polio epidemic, diagnosed in November 1952 (age 3 years, 7 months).

Less than 2 months prior to the diagnosis, I had my first dental filling (mercury amalgam).  Prior to that I had the series of childhood vaccinations administered by the Health Dept. (details below).  Was mercury being used as a preservative in vaccinations, in the early 1950’s?   What were the ingredients in the vaccinations at that time?

ASIDE:  At that time, the vaccinations started when you were one year old.   Today, there are jurisdictions where they begin at birth,  when some parts of the immune system are net yet fully developed.

I pulled together 3 short paragraphs in answer to:

How long does it take for a newborn’s liver to mature? 

What are the consequences of a damaged liver?

Why do the Americans administer the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns?   (Hepatitus B is a sexually transmitted disease, also transmitted through needle exchange, or when body fluids from an infected person come into contact with another.  If mothers are drug users they would normally be tested for Hep B prior to the birth of their at-risk baby. (Hep B is like HIV.)

This article is additional food for thought:     How Much Money Do American Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

BUT!  back to this posting.

Today, there is controversy over the polio epidemics.   Were they epidemics, were the diagnoses accurate, were the trend-lines for polio already on the way down, were other factors at play?

My Mother kept pretty good records, including hair from our first hair cuts.

I recently sent it for analysis because I  am curious whether the polio might have been poisoning by heavy metals,  maybe not polio?

I know that ancient hair samples are tested for levels of heavy metals  (e.g. the Inuit:

My childhood hair isn’t quite “ancient”, but I wondered if an analysis might be helpful.  It would at least be interesting.

Copy of the results of the hair analysis, Sept 29,  2017.    (Mercury isn’t the stand-out heavy metal in the 65-year-old hair sample.  Other heavy metals are.)

I have more work to do,  in sorting out what the analysis means, if anything.   (Note to self:  take a look at Measuring Our Mercury Exposure Through Hair Samples)


(Tedious details below are because there is more research to do (e.g. what ingredients were in the vaccines), in order to arrive at any clear understanding.)

1949, April 1: born

1950IMMUNIZATION RECORD, original card:


R.M. #351, Luseland, Saskatchewan


Dose 1.  March 31

Dose 2.  April 22

Dose 3.  May 25



PERTUSSIS VACCINE  (whooping cough)

Dose 1. March 31

Dose 2. April 22

Dose 3. May 25

1951,  re-designed card stapled on top of the 1950 card:

The column for DIPHTHERIA TOXOID is blank.   The dates for the 1950 Diphtheria shots, doses 1, 2, and 3, are written in on the revised card,  in the column

DIPH. TOX. & PERT. V. (Comb).   Added to the record:

Dose 4.   June 25, 1951   (Mother’s handwriting on backside of original card says Booster – June 25 – 1951)

In pencil on front of 1951 card, Mother’s handwriting:   Polio May, June 25   Oct?

Other Blank columns on the 1951 card:

  • D.  Txd, P.  V.  & TET.   TXD.
  • PERTUSSIS VACCINE  (record on the 1950 card)

1952 – Polio epidemic in the U.S.  Fear.

1952 –  (Mother’s record):  Sandy’s talking was very hard to understand until she was three & even then she talked so fast & inarticulate that many had a time understanding her til she repeated a couple of times & she thought the listeners very dumb at not understanding her.   (I record this because the majority of accounts of vaccine-damaged children report language delay or regression.  It may have nothing to do with my case.)

1952, Sept – Mother’s handwriting,  Had her first filling in Sept. ’52 by Dr. Sills at Unity (Dentist in another town).

1952 – November 6  –  Mother’s handwriting,  . . . we took her into Dr. Kinnear in Saskatoon because she complained of pains in her right leg & he diagnosed it as polio.  Had affected muscles in the right knee & she had a bit of a sidle in her walk.  Skating seemed to be the answer in helping it.   (At age 3+, I was taken to the skating rink in the wintertime, almost daily, as I understand.)

1953 – March 2 –  Sandy’s hair cut off . . .  (hair sample, age 4)

1953 – Polio epidemic in Winnipeg.  Fear.

1954 – tonsils removed

1955, Oct – Mother’s record:  First permanent tooth (lower front) came thru in Oct 55.  This was a deformed tooth both in shape & in enamel.  Removed in 1959.   (I record this because, see 19?? below,  the Macklin dentist said that another dental abnormality was related to the polio.   But was it?   Are there other causes?

1956, Dec – (Mother’s record)  Sandy had x-ray treatments thru Dr. Scharf to do away with adenoids that had grown back in & were causing earaches.

19?? –  Dentist in Macklin said that the missing permanent tooth in upper front right quadrant was because of the polio.  See 1955 above, also re dental.

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