Nov 272018

The Guardian is caught out, I would say.



(CBC story below.)

The Guardian published that Manafort (one-time campaign director for Trump) and Assange met 3 times.  Manafort denies having ever met Assange.

On this occasion, it’s likely Manafort is telling the truth:  there have been no meetings between him and Assange.

Assange says:  @WikiLeaks is willing to bet the Guardian a million dollars and its editor’s head that Manafort never met Assange.


There is a youtube video (2016, prior to US Presidential Election) interview of Assange by Going UndergroundRT, Afshin Rattansi.

To me,  it points toward a possible smoking gun.   The link to the video is below.

I have listened to a number of interviews of Assange.  As far as I am aware, he has not been found to be spreading falsehoods.

But there’s another reason why it’s likely that Manafort and Assange have never met.

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(I understand that the view of many Americans will be different from my view of Assange;  we have been exposed to quite different “news” about him.  Original statements are helpful.)

Excerpt from  WHY are the USA / UK so afraid of Julian Assange?

. . . 

Then there’s Hillary Clinton, her relationships with foreign actors disclosed by Wikileaks.   This is an important piece of the picture:

2016-08-06   Full Interview of Afshin Rattansi and Julian Assange, goingundergroundRT, re Hillary Clinton

(I cannot find a transcription on-line.)

(the disclosures are in the later part of the interview.)

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To me, the Guardian story is false.

But WHO would have laid the groundwork for it? . . . Hillary Clinton and her band?  They need Assange to be completely discredited, to deflect from Hillary’s connections to Russians.

If Assange is discredited (on-going efforts arising in the US), the interview lacks credibility = =  Assange was lying = = except that he has not been found to be lying.  Manafort is unscrupulous; use him, generate fake news (which the Guardian used) that connects Assange to Trump via Manafort (Trump’s campaign manager), to the Russians.   (“Manafort met with Assange three times.” = =  Fabricated, with details to make it seem true.)

Rely on:

  • Americans who detest Trump would rather believe it’s Trump in bed with arch-enemy the Russians, it’s not Hillary (and the Clinton Foundation);
  • it’s Julian Assange’s fault that Trump was elected because he published Democratic Party emails;
  • you certainly can’t trust what Manafort says;  and
  • Putin is evil.
  • Hillary’s failed bid for the Presidency of the US is the fault of Assange and the Trump team working with the Russians to get Trump elected.
  • Besides which Hillary is a woman, and every woman needs to stand behind her.

Hillary’s band knows that effective propaganda can be used to establish that Hillary has no connection to the Russians, just by discrediting “the other”.   It’s easy enough to scatter shards in a receptive field.   Clinton needs Julian Assange in jail for 35 years, or dead.


I wonder what will come of it all?

From the CBC story,  Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort denies meeting with WikiLeaks’ Assange:
Denial follows Guardian story that alleges the pair met 3 times ahead of 2016 U.S. elections

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