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WikiLeaks is going make [sic] suing fake news producers like the Guardian a central part of its business model. Since libels are the most predictable response to the power and accuracy of a WikiLeaks‘ publication, our analysis is that this is a stable, scalable income stream,” WikiLeaks said through its Twitter account.

2018-11-29  Guardian Escalates Its Vilification of Julian Assange, Common Dreams, Jonathan Cook

2018-11-27   The Guardian is caught out, I would say.  Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort denies meeting with WikiLeaks’ Assange

2018-11-26  After Major Court Filing Fail, US Gov’t Refuses to Say if Julian Assange Faces Criminal Charges, from Law & Crime

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Recent developments re JULIAN ASSANGE tell me:

 I am regarded as impotent;  democracy approaches palliative care.

So . . .  Stick them in the eye;  spread the word!

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Democracy does not exist without media that will hold various institutions and people to account.

If you have time for just one posting,  make it this one:

2018-11-24   The Fate of Julian Assange: Chris Hedges Interviews Consortium News Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria

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Charges have not been brought against Assange, not by Sweden, the US, or the UK.   But Assange has long known there are “sealed” (secret) indictments against him in the US.

On Nov. 16,

2018-11-16    Justice Department mistakenly reveals indictment against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

Lawyers applied to the Court to make the charges against Assange known.  You have a right to defend yourself.  You can’t defend yourself if you don’t know what you’ve been charged with.   A corner stone of democracy – you can’t be held without charge.   And, you have a right to converse with your lawyer.  . . .   But – – no.   Not if you are a political prisoner in the Western “democracies”.

“The hearing is on Tuesday (Nov 27, 2018) in the national security court complex at Alexandria, Virginia,”  to “remove the secrecy order on the US charges against (Assange).”

What happens?   this past weekend,

2018-11-24   Assange’s lawyers blocked from entering Ecuadorian embassy  

communication links have been cut, food denied – – – (The Fate of Julian Assange: Chris Hedges Interviews Consortium News Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria)

UPDATE:   Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) lawyers filed the court papers:

2018-11-26   After Major Court Filing Fail, Gov’t Refuses to Say if Julian Assange Faces Criminal Charges,  from Law & Crime

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WHY are the USA / UK so afraid of Julian Assange?

It is astounding what Julian Assange (Wikileaks) has shown to the World about the depths of corruption in the US  (not the only country whose corruption has been exposed by Wikileaks).

CIA hacking tools – – US military hacking tools are probably the most sophisticated in the world.  They have an arsenal of cyber weapons, all in one place, and with multiple contractors.  Predictably,  the codes for the CIA malware, viruses, trojans, etc. fell into the hands of the hacker community.  Have you any idea what that means for all of us?  I can understand the seriousness,  but it takes someone like Assange to understand and describe the ENORMITY of it.

The CIA KNEW of the breach,  and kept silent.  They didn’t tell Google, Facebook, etc etc,  let alone us.   A hacker forwarded what was circulating in hacker circles to Assange, who evaluated, understood the perils, and in a responsible way told the public.  He described “incompetence”.   The CIA wants Assange dead.

2017-03-07   Press Release, Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed. Julian Assange

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Then there’s Hillary Clinton, her relationships with foreign actors disclosed by Wikileaks.   This is an important piece of the picture:

2016-08-06   Full Interview of Afshin Rattansi and Julian Assange, goingundergroundRT, re Hillary Clinton

(I cannot find a transcription on-line.)

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You may recall   2016-11-07 How Bill and Hillary raised and earned millions from Canada’s corporate elite, G&M

On a day when Trump was marginalizing Canada in NAFTA 2.0 negotiations,  knowing the Trump-Clinton antagonism, knowing how many millions and millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation has raised from the big-money people in Canada, I was struck by how much it looked like mafia gangs.   Canada backed the “wrong boss”, and was being punished by the boss who won.    2018-09 NAFTA and the mafia

As publishers, Wikileaks does what the media is supposed to do, and which is critical in a democracy.  

The American public should know: 

if you elect Hillary Clinton, these are the countries, and the players in those countries,  to whom Hillary is beholding.  

BUT,  it’s bad news for Julian Assange.   He has the CIA who want to kill him.   And he has a wounded Mafia Boss and all her henchmen who want him evaporated.

(UPDATE: see   2018-11-27   The Guardian is caught out, I would say.  Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort denies meeting with WikiLeaks’ Assange)

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2018-11-23   Why you should care about the Julian Assange case, from Rolling Stone

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Another current detail,  tightening of the screws against democracy:

2018-11-20   Police challenged over refusal to disclose files on WikiLeaks staff, from Computer Weekly

Well,  I think we should

Stick them in the eye;  spread the word!   Julian Assange is in bad need of awareness.   The dissolute, end-of-Empire is closing in on him.

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