Mar 052014

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Mr. Obama: If     international law is so damn crucial, then stop violating it.

To     send the president a clear message in support of international law, click     here.

Days ago, responding to Russian military intervention in the Crimea,     President Obama denounced Russia for a “breach of international law.”

The Russian intervention deserves criticism. But let’s be clear. The     message from the White House is: Do as we say, not as we do.

The U.S. government routinely violates international law with drone strikes     in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other countries, not to mention its own     interference in Ukraine’s government. Human-rights groups like Reprieve     have documented many of those violations in recent reports, and the     European Parliament has just condemned the practice as illegal — but the     USA’s missile attacks continue.

Click     here to tell President Obama that his tributes to international law are     worthless as long as he keeps violating it.

Some background articles below provide important context for the current     Ukraine crisis.

At this highly dangerous moment, please take action by signing     the petition and then forwarding this message to your friends.

Thank you!

—– The Team

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