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NOTE:  this was written prior to the information  regarding the use of aluminum, another neuro toxin,  in vaccinations.  It is still valid, but the VRAN input takes it a step further.   See 2011-02-02 Important update re vaccinations.

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I am like a fish; I store mercury in my body.

They say that the mercury that has been in my mouth for 50 years  (in my dental amalgams)  is fine.  It “off-gases” into my body.    But don’t eat those fish.  They have mercrury in them! There is  mercury in a tetanus or a flu shot.   But don’t eat those fish.  They have mercury in them!

Like the fish, I die if I do not have water.  Like the fish, I die if my immune system is overwhelmed.  There is no “me” without my immune system.

A discussion on a causal relationship between mercury poisoning and health is without value if it doesn’t incorporate knowledge of how the immune system works.  The immune system is a “dynamic system”.  The rules of dynamic systems apply.

(INSERT:  Dynamic systems briefly:  feedback loops, appropriate corrective action has to be taken in time, appropriate action is directed at removal of cause of the problem, otherwise the system will continue to decline, once you are past the tipping point decay gathers momentum,  and past the tipping point it is not possible to reverse the downward spiral.  Damage is permanent and irreversible.  The system does not have sufficient resources to repair itself and return to healthy equilibrium.)

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Oh dear!  People aren’t obediently getting their vaccinations like they should or should not.

And Lord help Big Pharma if a link is established between various disease and developmental problems and their vaccinations, some of which contain mercury.  Might be good to say prayers, too, for the Government Health Programmes that administer the vaccinations-that-contain-mercury.

The information we circulated in the past on the mercury topic is accessible on this blog.   You’ll find it through the links in this email.

What I have heard of the recent onslaught to discredit those who state a link between

  • vaccinations-that-contain-mercury and
  • disease

is curious.   It is centred around ONE doctor (Wakefield) from England who, it seems to me, is being pilloried much like selected scientists in the past whose work shows a link between chemicals and disease outcomes.

The attack is in the U.S.  …  Why isn’t the attack directed at the American doctors who have supplied the science in the thimerosal (mercury)-in-vaccinations battle?   It only alerts my antennae when not one of the doctors whose work we have circulated is mentioned (at least not in the media coverage I have recently heard).   Simultaneously the name Wakefield does not appear even once in the documentation we assembled on the topic.  I heard a recent interview of Wakefield.  It seems to me that interviews with Boyd Haley (American) or Lyle Friberg (not American) or others would have had different outcomes.  (UPDATE:  See  2011-02-02 for an explanation on Wakefield from VRAN.)

Thanks to Karen for the article at  2004-03-30 Are the CDC, the FDA, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative in children’s vaccines caused a rise in autism? Anyone with a connection to children should at least read the article.

  • “In May 2003 the AAP stated, “All routinely recommended infant vaccines currently sold in the U.S. are free of thimerosal as a preservative and have been for more than two years.”

If the link between thimerasol (mercury) and developmental problems is merely a hoax or outdated belief, then why did they stop using it?  And please note that many vaccinations and “shots” still contain thimerasol.   (see  2011-02-02 Important update re vaccinations email from Edda West contains a list of the vaccinations for children and the adjuvants they contain).

This from the Canadian Paediatric Society, a source relied upon by some media:  “There is mounting evidence (27) that ASD (INSERT:  autism) has a strong genetic component – a very plausible cause for the disorder. ”    (from  2009-11-19 on H1N1, item 11 D.)

It seems implausible to me that a developmental disorder with the following record can be assigned to the normal meaning of  “it’s genetic (in the genes)”:   “In 2002, an estimated 1 in 250 American children was diagnosed with autism, up from 1 in 500 in 2000, and 1 in 5,000 in the 1980s.”

But maybe they are using a different meaning of “genetic”.  Click on  2006-03-24 Dr. Frederica Perera, the “DNA Damage Detective“.     We put poisons into the environment or into our bodies,  it damages DNA, the damaged DNA can be (is) passed down from generation-to-generation.  Voila!  we have  “a strong genetic component“.   …  Too bad, we just have to accept it.  It makes more sense financially to just keep damaging more and more DNA.   Then spend millions on “find a cure”.  . . .   Remove the cause?  And ruin our profits?  Ya gotta be kidding.

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Given the information circulated about mercury in vaccinations, mercury in dental amalgams, disease and developmental outcomes,  and the corruption of science by Big Pharma,  also drawing on my own personal experience,

  • it seems to me that the issue is:   slow poisoning by mercury that we are putting straight into our bodies – –  the issue is  not vaccinations and not dental fillings.    There is not a single cause-and-effect, but a number of  slow persistent attacks on the immune system.  The attacks are from mercury from different sources.   The sources include various vaccinations that contain mercury, and dental amalgams that contain mercury.
  • but in addition, looking at it from the perspective of the ability of the immune system to deal with poisons, it ain’t only mercury honey.   The slow, persistent attacks on the immune system are from other poisons as well, chemicals that are known carcinogens and teratogens for example.  (A teratogen interferes with normal cell development.)
  • sugar suppresses the immune system

We LIKE single cause, single effect.  But it doesn’t actually work that way.

Getting back to mercury —   personal stories of Grant Schoenroth, Joe Bourgault, (who I know) and myself,  related to mercury poisoning from dental amalgams are at 2010-12-06.

It’s devilish trying to find “the truth”!  An adjuvant is “a pharmacological agent added to a drug to increase or aid its effect.”  It includes preservatives.  Ethyl mercury (trade name thimerasol) is used as a preservative in some vaccines, as are other agents foreign to our body. If you must get the swine flu vaccination, especially if it is being given to children, I would recommend that you at least ask for a list of the adjuvants in the vaccine.  From what I understand, most flu shots contain thimerasol.  Know what each of the adjuvants does.

Mercury is a heavy metal.  Heavy metals cause serious deterioration in neural pathways in the brain   (for the science on this,  for mercury,  from the University of Calgary, click on 2010-12-06 ).  The banning of lead in gasoline and in paint are examples of efforts to prevent brain damage in humans by lowering exposure to heavy metals.  As I understand, mercury is more poisonous to the brain than lead and other heavy metals.  Increasing numbers of vaccinations mean increasing levels of heavy metals in the body, IF ethyl mercury is an adjuvant in the vaccinations.  Mercury is not the only problematic adjuvant, just the best-known.

It is claimed that mercury in dental amalgams is one of those internet hoaxes.  It is far from that.  A number of European countries have outlawed dental amalgams.  Also, the information posted in  2010-12-06 comes from organizations such as the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the Federation of American  Societies for Experimental Biology, the American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain, numerous doctors, dentists and scientists, etc..

Excerpt from the posting  2010-12-06 and about the University of Calgary research:

A google of “mercury brain” comes up with this excellent youtube video:


One of the researchers from the University of Calgary who participated in the research is Dr. Naweed Syed.  I phoned his office in the Department of Cell Biology / Physiology (Medicine) 403 220 5479, to confirm the authenticity of the video.  His assistant said that he usually gives permission for the video to be used.  . . . “

The video conversation with Dr. Boyd Haley is another valuable contribution to an understanding of mercury poisoning.  The URL I had no longer works.  It is easiest just to google “Boyd Haley Interview”.

The developing foetus and baby receive mercury in utero and in breast milk from the off-gasing of dental amalgams  in the Mother’s body.  (The evidence to support that statement  is in 2010-12-06.   Excerpt:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeanAuZK_DY&feature=player_embedded “Poison in the Mouth”   Includes how mercury is treated after it has been removed from the mouth (with hazardous material “haz mat” handling procedures).  Includes Dr. Lyle Friberg and the work of researchers at the University of Calgary (the sheep and monkey research), the research from California regarding accumulation of mercury from amalgams in the brain.   Kentucky researcher on Alzheimer’s connection.  Mercury crossing the placenta. Etc.


Many are, or have then been given vaccinations that contain thimerasol (mercury), not necessarily in the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) vaccination but in other shots.  All I am saying is KNOW what’s in the shots being received.  The Americans may not be putting thimerasol in the vaccines for babies in the U.S.;  they are still shipping vaccines with thimerasol for infants outside the U.S.

The information on the rotavirus vaccine that the Canadian Paediatric Society is pushing is at 2010-01-06.   If that doesn’t cause you to shake your head, I don’t know what will.  It is almost unbelievable – – it’s information from the public record.  With an exception:  it’s pieced together so you can see what they are doing, just with that one vaccination.  God awful.  In 2009 a million infants in the U.S. were given a rotavirus vaccine that was contaminated with a pig virus.  Sorry, it’s no joke.  You can verify it right on the manufacturer’s website.

I do have a problem with this excerpt from the science used by the CBC to refute the link between

  • vaccinations that contain mercury and
  • disease outcomes (autism)

supplied to them by the Canadian Paediatric Society:

Click on 2009-11-19.  Go to #11 D.  —-    Only two infant thimerosal-containing vaccines were used – hepatitis B vaccine and influenza vaccine; the latter was not administered to infants younger than six months of age, the age/size of infant of concern. Hence, any concerns about excessive ethyl mercury exposure in young Canadian infants were without foundation.

I also note the statement “In the absence of experimental or human evidence that vaccination affects metabolic, developmental, immune, or other physiological or molecular mechanisms that are related causally to development of autism, the IOM concluded that the hypotheses generated to date are theoretical. ‘

You have to be specific.  The specific is vaccinations that contain mercury (ethyl mercury).  There is so much documentation of the corrupting influence of Big Pharma that it is difficult to accept the good intention of the statements.  Is their statement based on vaccinations – –  or – –  on vaccinations that contain mercury?   It should be the latter.  What about vaccines that contain a pig virus?

Who is The Canadian Paediatric Society?   They recommended rotavirus vaccination for all babies.   Click on 2010-01-06.   The evidence is against vaccination for rotavirus (diarrhea and vomiting).   Time-and-time again you see where the industry (pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech)  buys their way into organizations OR they set up an organization that is nothing more than an industry front.  Given the CPS position on rotavirus I am not enthusiastic about accepting their statements regarding vaccinations.


Canadian Paediatric Society recommends rotavirus vaccination for all babies

October 4, 2010

OTTAWA- All Canadian babies should be vaccinated against rotavirus, according to a new statement by the Canadian Paediatric Society. The CPS is also calling for public funding of the vaccine, which is not currently covered by provincial or territorial health plans.  …

As I say,  please click on 2010-01-06 for the background on the incidence of deaths (negligible, and it’s from dehydration) from rotavirus and the history of the development of the vaccine.   This release from the Canadian Paediatric Society appears to me to support a public-money grab by the pharmaceutical corporations.

It is not ONE vaccination (MMR) or one dental amalgam that contains mercury but cumulative effects of  on-going mercury ingestion from different sources that is the problem.  Sometimes the individual hits a tipping point (overload) and the immune system succumbs to the accumulated mercury, stored in our body fat and in some of our body organs.  Like the fish.  The disease outcome of the mercury poisoning (in combination with exposure to other toxins) will be different in different individuals because the weaknesses in different bodies are different.

I pointed out what I believe to be flaws in the scientific argument presented by Dr. Jock Murray (click on 2010-12-06 ).  He said that MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients do not show an elevated level of mercury in comparison with the rest of the population.  That is correct, but it does not establish that there is no relationship.   Almost everyone has dental amalgams, 88% of the population is the commonly-quoted figure.  Depending on the individual immune system, mercury poisoning leads to different disease outcomes in different people.  Logically, one would not expect to find elevated levels of mercury in specific disease groups.  There will be roughly the same mercury readings.  Because almost everyone has dental amalgams that contain mercury.   Take the mercury out of our mouths, stop the onslaught of mercury on our immune systems and disease levels will decline.  The article submitted by Karen at  2004-03-30 contains the story of a teething powder that contained thimerasol and the emergence of a new “Pink’s disease”.   When the teething powder was pulled off the market, Pink’s disease disappeared.

Other science quoted shows that when dental amalgams are removed, the situation of the MS patient (for example) does not  improve.  There is also an error in logic in accepting this as confirmation that a causal relationship does not exist.  When a dynamic system passes the tipping point recovery is not possible.  The damage becomes permanent.

I do not have the resources to evaluate  all the science used by the CBC.  If it’s along the lines of the preceding quoted science, there are flaws.  That the information comes from the Canadian Paediatric Society is suspect because of their position on rotavirus vaccine.  It must also be established that there is absolutely no industry money behind the “science”.  Who has time to do the sleuthing to determine this?

Robert F Kennedy Jr spells out the role of Big Pharma and money in all of this.   Click on 2009-07-25.   There is further documentation on the role of Donald Rumsfeld (Bush Administration) and Big Pharma in the flu vaccine (contains mercury) in another posting:  2009-10-07.  Also in 2004-03-30.


My role lies in assembling the information submitted and putting it back out there, making it available.  Ultimately, responsibility for our own health and the health of our communities lies in our own hands.  Over and over again the lesson is the same.  The system will attempt to protect the status quo.  It’s where the money is.  There are costs associated with acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the poisons.  Which is again a fault of the system we have constructed.  Thank goodness there are hundreds of thousands of people working toward a new political economy!

RESOURCE:  Vaccine Risk Awareness Network  http://vran.org/


2010-01-06 In 2009  – Rotavirus vaccine contaminated with a pig virus, injected into more than a million kids in the U.S. alone.  Also the numbers on the rise of autism, the work of Dr. Stephanie Cave.

2010-12-06 Accumulated, on mercury poisoning. Vaccinations & dental amalgams.  Did the European countries that banned dental amalgams made with mercury bow to uninformed public pressure or to sound science?

2009-11-19 H1N1 (or nukes or gmo’s or energy)  in the context of “Selling Out”: the larger issue.

2009-10-07 I want parents to know this about vaccinations, mercury, Rumsfeld, and money devoid of conscience   (Rumsfeld’s connection to Tamiflu)

2009-07-27 This is all about the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech corporations, and their collaborators in government.  All at the expense of our interest in health.  Some of it is heart-breaking.  Autism, Kennedy, Psych Ward story

2009-07-25 “Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity” by Robert F Kennedy Jr  (Autism)(Role of Big Pharma)

2004-03-30 Are the CDC, the FDA, and other health agencies covering up evidence that a mercury preservative in children’s vaccines caused a rise in autism?

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