Jul 202014

Evidence is from the transcript of the testimony of

Yves Beland, Director of Census Operations at Statistics Canada, in the

Trial of Audrey Tobias, Toronto, October 2013


Non-compliance with the Census grew to 11% by the 2011 Census.

1.6 million households did not comply

out of 14.6 million

StatsCan reported this as a 2% non-compliance rate when in fact it’s 11%.

Not all of the increase was due to growing awareness of Lockheed Martin’s involvement, but ENOUGH of it that the Government had to end Lockheed Martin’s involvement.   (Well, not really)   See   2014-07-17 Transcript, Tobias trial establishes Lockheed Martin is OUT 


The following was accepted as an Exhibit in the Stegenga Trial, July 2014


8   Q   Oh sorry, 14.6 million dwelling addresses that were ultimately identified?

A.   Yes.

Q.   And so 14.6 million requests were made . . .

A.   Yes.

Q. . . . for completion of the form?

A.   Yes.

Q.   Okay.

A.   We received a little bit over 13 million completed questionnaires for 98 per cent response rate.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1.6 million questionnaires were not returned

1.6 out of 14.6 million = 11%  non-compliance



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