Apr 122017

NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher summarizes the history of broken vaccine injury compensation promises made to citizens by the U.S. Government and the need to repeal the liability shield given to vaccine-makers and providers. Learn more at www.NVIC.org

(Sandra speaking):

The Compensation Program  has paid out more than $3 billion dollars

  • funded totally by American citizens
  • the pharmaceutical companies have been granted legal immunity from prosecution
  • citizens who have received compensation must typically spend a significant amount of it on legal bills
  • large numbers of vaccine-injured persons do not know of the existence of the Program,  and
  • large numbers either can’t afford, or are unsuccessful in attempts to obtain compensation for vaccine-related injuries or death.

Barbara Loe Fisher provides an impassioned call for investigation and law reform.

If you aren’t familiar with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the U.S.,  this article from Dr. Mercola covers it well:    Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

June 23, 2015
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