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Beyond Banksters

Insert, Chapter 2, Page 19, heading The Debt Trap

* Perkins is a whistleblower, his 2004 book was read by more than a million people.  In 2016, the updated book was published in paperback under title, New Confessions of an EHM, with added Part V:  2004 to Today.  The book is good companion to Banksters.

Excerpts from Part V of New Confessions, see:

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Insert, Chapter 4, Page 39

* Focusing Capital,  2nd para,  re “The Chair of Morneau’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth is Dominic Barton” (appointed by Finance Minister Morneau):

CBC Radio, The Sunday Edition, April 23, 2017.  Barton was interviewed.  (URL see:   I’d never heard of the guy, but was alarmed by what he was saying. Serendipity! That evening I started reading Beyond Banksters!

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* UPDATE: Bank of Canada Lawsuit     May 4, 2017

Decision on the application for leave to appeal.

The application for leave to appeal from the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal, Number A-76-16, 2016 FCA 312, dated December 7, 2016, is dismissed with costs.

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May 9: Watch for updates on the Bank of Canada battle. Get Beyond Banksters circulating, and conversations going.

COMER has a Call for Renaissance of the Bank of Canada

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In Banksters, Joyce Nelson tells about other citizens in other countries and their publicly-owned banks. Central banks lend at near-zero interest to Govts in their country, as the BoC used to do.

Canadians to purchase $180 billion of infrastructure over 12 years.  $180 with 9 zeroes.

Experience of the “new bridge” over Halifax Harbor, opened in 1970:

Foreign currency loans financed the bridge. Currency fluctuations caused the debt to balloon. In 1994 the debt was $100 million with annual interest payments of $11 million.

At its peak, the Bridge Commission’s debt amounted to nearly $125,000,000, nearly triple the total cost of construction for BOTH harbor bridges of about $42,000,000.

Between Beyond Banksters and New Confessions of on EHM, it is clear: the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) will make debt slaves of Canadians, as has been done in developing countries for decades through “big projects” financed by bankster debt. Citizens can’t earn enough to get ahead of servicing the debt. The Mackay Bridge over Halifax Harbor is an example that doesn’t need repeating.

Some will remember when one third of every tax dollar we paid went to servicing public debt. I don’t know what today’s proportion is. Interest and servicing costs will be increasing. We will be paying for infrastructure many times over. But only if we agree to do that. Get active, get talking. If your Province borrows money, in the public interest, they should borrow from the Bank of Canada. If the Federal Govt borrows money on our behalf, they should be borrowing from the BoC. I don’t agree to get fleeced.

Joyce discusses: the ramifications of the clauses for the financial sector (the banksters) in the trade treaties Canada is signing on for. Read it (and gulp).

“Jerry” bought  a copy of Banksters for every MP and Senator.  The P.O. accepted the books under mail sent to MP’s for free.    UPDATE:  the books were never delivered; they simply disappeared.    Call your MP, Senator.   Confirm that they received their copy.

Please, re citizens in ridings Toronto Centre (Bill Morneau) and University Rosedale in Toronto (Chrystia Freeland) get copies of Banksters to them. Or, have conversations with them. Thanks!

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