May 252017

Banksters: Index

Cover Letter,  a copy of Beyond Banksters sent.

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City of Calgary  (Example)


Dear Mayor Naheed Nenshi,

I expect you will be attending the FCM Convention, June 1 to 4.   Perhaps you will have time to pick out high points from enclosed book before the Conference starts.

(FCM = Federation of Canadian Municipalities.)

Large numbers of Canadians are (choose your adjective) re $180 billion in Infrastructure spending over 12 years, and the methods proposed for FINANCING the purchases.

How do we obtain $180 billion?

  • Sell off public assets to generate some cash (sell the profitable ones, for far less than they’re worth)
  • Form “partnerships” to build some of the infrastructure (when you do that, the Government completely relinquishes its ability to regulate)
  • Use debt for the remainder, financed/directed by the international banking cartel (we’ll be paying high interest rates, with “servicing charges on top of that)
  • While remembering HOW MANY people we have to spread the costs over. (And the fact that many corporations and wealthy people use offshore tax havens; while the CRA twiddles its thumbs and hums and haws.) Note that the amount of money we are talking about is large in the U.S. with its ten times more people than Canada.
  • It is a recipe for creating a continuous flow of money into the hands of the wealthy. Canadians will never be able to pay enough taxes to get ahead of the debt, with carrying charges on top.
  • To me personally, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) has to be torpedoed.   We already have an Infrastructure Bank and it’s called the Bank of Canada.   THE EXISTING LAW mandates it to lend money at very low interest, to governments in Canada. The author of Beyond Banksters, Joyce Nelson, has done a fine job of documenting how, in Orwellian fashion, its duty under the Law has been usurped.

“Beyond Banksters” offers an ALTERNATIVE.   We do not have to be stupid dupes.

“Jerry” purchased 445 copies of Banksters.   Every MP and Senator has received a copy.

I purchased 55 copies.   A number are going to the FCM Conference:   Mayor Teunis Westbroek (Qualicum Beach) has his own and offered to take a copy for FCM CEO Brock Carlton.

Mayor Mike Savage (Hfx), Mayor Charlie Clark (Saskatoon), Mayor Josie Osborne (Tofino), and others. National Chief Perry Bellegarde, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip have received. . . . Copies are being read and passed on.

The book is selling quickly. I believe that Margaret Atwood has received a copy. Grass roots.  (Insert:  Author Ronald Wright has his own copy.)

I will be appreciative of whatever conversations you are able to generate.

Best wishes,

Sandra Finley

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