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MANY thanks to Angela B and Janet M for setting me straight.  What a disservice I’ve done, assuming that “mandatory vaccinations” means “mandatory by law”.   I learned that lesson before – – from StatsCan and the Census!  Sheesh!   I should have known.   It’s the Orwellian thing.  Words no longer mean what they mean:

From: Angela B
Sent: February 23, 2018

Sandra, vaccines are not mandatory in Ontario, as you write in your blog.

Janet, can you confirm?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

From: Janet
Sent: February 23, 2018

oops, i didn’t notice Sandra had said that

good catch!

no, vaccines are NOT mandatory, anywhere in Cda

any family can get an exemption


the school system in Ont. is acting as tho’ they’re mandatory

with the bullying they’re doing


but no,

not mandatory!


Best info is VCC, this page


  2 Responses to “2018-02-23 CORRECTION, Vaccines: It is Legislated – – vaccines are NOT mandatory anywhere in Canada.”

  1. Why do schools make it mandatory in Ontario hat students have to be vaccinated Sandra?

    • Hi Birgit,

      The schools cannot “make it mandatory”, not if the Law is that the vaccines are NOT mandatory.

      Schools can SAY that the vaccinations are mandatory and get away with it, if citizens DO NOT KNOW what the Law is.

      A Provincial government cannot make vaccines mandatory if, under Constitutional Law (Charter of Rights and Freedoms) it is established that mandatory vaccination contravenes Charter Rights. Which is the case. But again, Schools can get away with pronouncing “mandatory”, if citizens do not know the Law.

      That’s the short explanation. If you’d like more . . read on!

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      Your question also raises the question of change.
      – society has been well conditioned for decades to believe in vaccinations. It’s like unwavering belief in the Church. The Church will do no wrong.
      – second, we tend not to update or challenge our belief systems. What was normal for my generation is not the same as the “normal” for young people today. My generation received their first vaccination at age 1 year. The immune system, organs like the liver, are not fully developed at birth, which is when many jurisdictions in North America start vaccinating in today’s world. As you know, the number of vaccines given today, and in combinations at the same time, has dramatically increased. But people’s beliefs about vaccines are passed inter-generationally without consideration that “the world has changed”.
      – We are taught to be accepting of authority. We tend not to be curious and questioning.
      – it is known via high-powered MRI’s that information entering our brain, if it contradicts a “deeply held belief”, will be routed around the rational processing centre of the brain. It circumvents our logic. People who teach vaccinations, many in the health professions, and so on will not actually “hear” the information that could cause them to change their belief about vaccines. And, there’s an element of ego – – “WE know best. Who are you to question us.”
      – the schools rely on the health professions for direction. So the school is protected. And it’s very difficult to run against the crowd, as the teacher Tim found out in Ontario. He had to go before a disciplinary hearing.
      – the old “money and greed”. Big Pharma produces the vaccines. They make billions of dollars. They fund a lot of the research. They are a very corrupting factor through lobbying, the production of propaganda. Lots of people like the money they make or take through a cozy relationship with Big Pharma.
      – Laws such as Conflict-of-interest have become feeble through lack of enforcement.

      I guess that’s enough, Birgit. I hope your question is answered! /Sandra

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