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Original posting:   2018-09-14

There is no line between

  • Assange the Publisher silenced 
  • Attempted silencing of Chelsea Manning the Leaker
  • (too early to determine re Arjen Kamphuis)   the disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis has never been solved (2024-02-05)
  • Attempted Control of the Internet by various means (see “Net Neutrality”, at bottom).

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Why the interest in Arjen Kamphuis?


Logan Handbooks 7

Information Security for Journalists, Protecting your story, your source and yourself online

By Silkie Carlo and Arjen Kamphuis

About this book

This handbook is a very important practical tool for journalists and it is of particular importance to investigative reporters.  For the first time journalists are now aware that virtually every electronic communication we make or receive is being recorded, stored and subject to analysis and action.  As this surveillance is being conducted in secret, without scrutiny, transparency or any realistic form of accountability, our sources, our stories and our professional work itself is under threat.   . . .   (read on).

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2018-09-01   An Online Vigil in Defense of Julian Assange With Daniel Ellsberg, Craig Murray, Bill Binney and Ray McGovern

When the record is sorted out,  it becomes even clearer the degree to which  Western military is a rogue Government unto itself.  The major Leakers leaked data that revealed the truth about wars and about “security”.   Critical to the leakers is the Publisher.   The rogue Government, the lucrative war machine, is not going to allow Julian Assange to disrupt their business.

Amid growing talk that the US, UK and Ecuador are about to make a move on Assange:


2018-09-03   Chelsea Manning banned from speaking tour in Australia. & then, Manning continues with speaking tour via video link despite lack of visa    Sept 08:  no change in status – – entry visa continues to be withheld by the Australian Govt.

#LetChelseaSpeak   https://www.facebook.com/events/667541910294248/ 

2018-09-13   UPDATE: Chelsea Manning DID speak in New Zealand (thanks to citizen protest)

2018-09-03   Julian Assange’s associate cyber security expert mysteriously missing in Norway, RT News

2018-09-12   Belongings of missing associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are found in the sea off of Norway,

UPDATE  Sept 13:   Kayak of Arjen Kamphuis found.

2018-08-16 Winnipeg firm defends $1M deal to send sniper rifles to Ukraine, CBC

2018-09-01   Arms industry spends millions to promote brands in schools (UK), The Guardian

2018-07-23  Trump is taking US down the path to tyranny – Jeffrey Sachs, Global News, CNN

2018-09-01  “Breaking News” by Alan Rusbridger – the remaking of journalism and why it matters now.  (Rusbridger is former editor of The Guardian)


Net Neutrality

If you don’t know “net neutrality”, its current status in Canada,  please take a moment – – it’s important to us all.

2018-08-23 Verizon under fire for ‘throttling’ firefighters’ data in California blaze.

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