Mar 092019

When your economy is converted to a war economy, there are but crumbs leftover.  The war profiteers and the Banksters take the lions’ share of the money and leave the country saddled with mountains of debt.   (Look south of the border.)


If Canadians purchase warships for $105 Billion dollars (Feb 8 news),  we have to be really stupid and weak.

(2019-02-22  It’s taboo to talk about Canada’s real corporate scandal,, Matthew Behrens)


AND,  I’d like to know:

How has it happened that we Canadians are joining the war on Venezuela,  overthrowing a democratically-elected Government?

It’s not too big a mystery:

Julian Assange (Wikileaks) published a cable from the U.S. Ambassador to Canada.  The cable sheds a whole lot of light on the question.  Please see:

2019-02-23     propaganda flourishes if you kill Julian Assange. . . Americans and Canadians vis-a-vis Venezuela, Canadians to buy warships for $105 Billion, Lockheed Martin, Corruption

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