Apr 052019

To Mike:

Maybe I am using you as a sounding board.   I am quite frustrated this morning by the coverage I’ve heard about the SNC Lavalin matter.   I see it as related to the situation at StatsCan – – of which  I have a long view back to 2003.

My reply to you is this:

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I think Canadians are fighting against the same thing, in more than one arena.

At StatsCan it has the name Lockheed Martin (war and surveillance industry – – the collection of more and more data on citizens, a characteristic of fascist police states).

At Health Canada it has more than one name – – most people know the Bayer-Monsanto name, but there are more (chemical-gmo-biotechnology industry – kill the bees, insects, songbirds industry).

At Justice Canada it has more than one name; currently prominent is SNC Lavalin.  The manufacture of the false idea that “Deferred Prosecution Agreements” are somehow acceptable – – rational – – in a democracy.  What they do is to hide corruption from public scrutiny.  It serves the public interest for citizens to know who the shysters are – – they can protect themselves.  It serves the interests of the shysters to be sheltered from public scrutiny.  DPA’s serve them nicely.

Today’s SNC Lavalin inside whistleblower added Export Development Canada (EDC) as another arena in which the war industry (SNC) is supported.  Canadian tax-payers have paid more than $4 billion to SNC Lavalin over many years (not all through EDC). There’s lots of evidence of corruption – – the examples just have to be consolidated into one package to understand it.   “Mega projects”, government decisions that don’t make sense, suddenly make sense.

In Environment and Climate it has more than one name – Cameco (trying to sell Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (re-branded as “clean” and “new” “fission” reactors)(the nuclear/uranium industry which is also part of the war industry). In Environment and Climate, there’s also of course the Koch Brothers and other players from the oil and gas industry operating as “lobbyists”.

A common factor – – regardless of the industry – –  is the employment of money and access that former Politicians provide to the inner workings and levers of Government.

The problem is that these relationships all involve a lot of corruption, by which I mean: the money which is supposed to be for looking after the health and welfare of our land and all that it holds, human, and non-human plus that which we are dependent upon for our very lives – – that money is being re-directed AWAY from the public good into private wealth and greed that takes everyone down with it, in the end.

The good thing is that eyes are being opened. It’s not just the political parties; there is corruption in the bureaucracies and universities, too. When the ACCEPTED “wisdom” is “the nature of politics” is unethical behavior, we become the serfs.

The truth of the matter: when Governments start to do what Business is supposed to do, and simultaneously Business does what Governments are supposed to do, there are high levels of corruption. The unscrupulous feast.

Jody Wilson-Raybould is a gift to us. Politics not only CAN be done ethically, it HAS to be done ethically. “Loyalty” is an age-old tool (excuse) for absolving people of responsibility for their actions.

Our responsibility is to stand up in loud support of the truth-tellers. Our survival depends on it. That seems to be pretty clear and easy to understand.

StatsCan drew our attention to the fact that the American Military Industrial Complex (now NORTH American) has moved into Canada. Canada is an equal partner with the U.S., pulling cheap propaganda tricks against Argentina (with its rich, coveted oil reserves).

We are signed up to spend $105 billion on warships, $60 billion of which will go to Lockheed Martin.

Incredible stupidity that sets me to laughing every time I think of it!   If the status quo persists, insect species will be extinct in 20 to 30 years.  We are dead.   Oh, but we will have bought warships for $105 billion!   Are they out of their minds?

We will NEVER pay off the cost of servicing that debt.

We don’t have the brains to forge relationships with citizens around the Planet? – – oh no, we’re going to threaten war against them so North American corporations can get rich on resources that belong to others.  We don’t have the ingenuity to create healthy industry.  All we know is brawn.

Good on you Mike  for your non-compliance with the attempts to move us closer and closer to a fascist surveillance state (Lockheed Martin at StatsCan and in our Military that is integrated with the American).

The Corporatocracy does not rule, unless we allow it.  It means we have to stand strong for Ethical and Rational Behavior; in many different arenas.   If we each make a contribution where it suits us, we can stop the destruction.   Maybe “stupid” doesn’t have to define us.

Thanks for being my venting board.

Best wishes,


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