Jun 122011

This page is available to people who would like to share the submission they made to the University Search Committee for the Next President (reference:  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=2497)

Please copy and paste your submission into the “COMMENTS” box.   (I will receive notice of your input and “approve'” it right away, making it available to others.)  



  4 Responses to “2011-06-12 Submissions made by other people to the search for a president for a Canadian University”

  1. Please choose someone sensitive to the issue of conflicts of interest.

    It would also be nice if UofS stops selling out to corporate interests as suggested in Howard Woodhouse’s book.

    Larry Waldinger

  2. 6/12/2011 Greg writes: “I do have concerns about corporatization of universities. Those are taxpayer funded institutions and corporatization is giving the greatest benefit of our research facilities to those corporations. They have even maneuvered to the point they threaten to take over the administration of our institution. This is a disturbing shift robbing the people of even more of their dwindling power.”

  3. 6/12/2011 Catherine writes: “In the background information you supplied I do not see the story about the Administration appointing their choice for the Dean of Law when the Search Committee recommended someone else. To me it is related to how the university is run.”

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    6/13/2011 My reply: “Thanks Catherine. I posted 4 news reports about the selection of the new dean of law at “2011-01-24”. (The software won’t let me set up a link in this Comments box. Please go to “Postings by date” in the righthand sidebar near the top.)

    I added the link to “2011-01-24” to the list of background information in “GREAT OPPORTUNITY! The University wants your input.”

    Thanks again for drawing the oversight to attention. Cheers!”

  4. —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: Norma McBain
    To: Sue Peterson Sent: Wed, June 15, 2011 2:13:56 PM
    Subject: RE: New President for University of Saskatchewan

    Thank you Sue for your response. Your comments will be distributed to the search committee.

    From: Sue Peterson
    Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 11:27 AM
    To: presidential.search AT usask.ca
    Subject: New President for University of Saskatchewan

    Kindly confirm receipt of this message:

    Thank you for inviting comments on future hiring of a new President for the University of Saskatchewan. Following are my personal comments.

    I believe there are three extremely important industries which the new President must handle with integrity, high ethical standards, complete economic and environmental projections based on sound science.

    They are the quality and quantity of water in the province, the expanding oil and gas industry and the development of the nuclear industry.

    Similarly, the new President must also deal effectively to eliminate the “old boys club” which presently rules the University of Saskatchewan, and open doors for academia to voice results of the research they conduct in an open and public forum instead of endorsing the present situation where provincial and corporate “hush” money provides gag orders on qualified and quantified research of the highest caliber.

    In recent months the obvious lack of comment from University of Saskatchewan qualified but gagged academia regarding the provincial rubber stamp approval of the first Intense Livestock Operation (ILO) which will open up Saskatchewan’s own feedlot alley has been nothing less than criminal. This despite the university appointing a prominent chair of Water quality – who learned quickly not to make public comments based on research by scientists but instead bow to provincial government agendas.

    Provincial government agendas to proceed with Saskatchewan oil and gas, and nuclear industries with total disregard for environmental protection display similar lack of input from University of Saskatchewan academia, suggesting gag orders are common place.

    The disproportionate representation of women in the University and the struggles they face daily with regard to gender equity also need to be resolved by the new president.

    I believe the Presidential search committee should focus first and foremost on finding a female President and their qualifications/expertise should have a strong foundation in the non-profit or charitable sector, ideally with a strong aboriginal connection.

    Of course there are also many men who would conduct university business outside of the old boy’s network, one I would like to put forward is Bob Sandford, http://www.rwsandford.ca/Bio1.htm.

    In my opinion a clone of Maude Barlow or Elizabeth May are models of who can take the University of Saskatchewan to become a respected university on the world stage – as opposed to the disrespected image it presently portrays.

    I trust this was not another exercise in futility and comments will be given serious consideration.

    With Kind Regards,
    Sue Peterson

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