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Very good material.  Among other things, Dr. Mercola discusses the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham.

Lynn supplied the link and writes:

No one actually spoke to the health impacts of GMO food and it seemed a bit vague why we are against GMO’s.

Perhaps we should have a pamphlet next time to hand out to people.


Dr. Elaine Ingham says GMO plant material “ulcerates” the digestive system of animals.  The entomologist in an earlier posting said GMO plant material “eats holes in” the digestive system of the larvae.

I updated the posting  A closer look at GMO ingredients in store-bought food  to draw out the parallel.

The common theme is compelling;  people should be aware because WE ARE ANIMALS, too!  


  • Are people “allergic to” canola and soy (see the above link)?  – – which implies that THEY have a problem   OR
  • Do GMO canola and GMO soy (and GMO corn?) make people sick? – – that is, the problem is THE FOOD, not the people.

When you get to the root of how GMO plants work, I’d say the answer is obvious.  It’s the latter.

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