Sep 072018
2018-09-05  Christopher Walken, Christina Ricci in Winnipeg to shoot movie based on Sask. farmer's fight with Monsanto,  CBC News

  Manitoba-born actor Adam Beach also cast in Percy, film based on Percy Schmeiser’s true story Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci are starring in Percy, a movie being filmed in Winnipeg. (Scythia Films)   One of Hollywood’s biggest stars is in Winnipeg to take on the role of a small-town Prairie farmer in the new film Percy, which […]

Sep 042018
2018-09-04  Bayer Needs More Than an Aspirin to Cure Its Monsanto-Sized Headache, by Robert F Kennedy Jr

Bayer Needs More Than an Aspirin to Cure Its Monsanto-Sized Headache By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.   In a special telephone meeting on Thursday, August 23, Bayer AG’s CEO Werner Bauman tried to reassure the German conglomerate’s principal shareholders who were concerned about the recent drop in the company’s stock. Bayer’s stock fell dramatically after […]

Aug 252018
2018-08-25   Vietnam demands Monsanto compensate Agent Orange victims after US cancer ruling precedent

© STAN HONDA / AFP Following the unprecedented $289mn verdict against Monsanto in California, Hanoi is seeking justice for victims of exposure to the Agent Orange – the notorious chemical the firm supplied to the US military during the Vietnam War. After a San Francisco jury proved Monsanto not invincible and ordered the chemical giant […]

Aug 252018

There’s another round of consultations re neonic chemicals, deadline soon passed.   During the last round,  not very long ago, Health Canada received 46,000 communications.   Why we need another round I do not know. As I wrote to one of the organizations: Realistically, you have to call them on the corruption, if we are to make […]

Aug 192018

Update: Roundup Class Action Suit for False Advertising is Going National In follow-up to 2015-04-21 Class Action LawSuits Against Monsanto (false advertising, glyphosate) —– Original Message —– From: Rae Sent: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 Subject: CBC Radio Announces Class Action Suits Against Monsanto Just announced on CBC Radio that class action suits against Monsanto are […]

Aug 142018

Monsanto to pay $289 million to cancer patient “This case is way bigger than me. I hope it gets the attention that it needs.” – Dewayne Johnson, former school groundskeeper awarded $289 million from Monsanto A jury in California has found that Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicides contributed significantly to Dewayne Johnson’s terminal cancer. Mr. Johnson, 46, […]

Aug 112018
2018-08-11  Monsanto ordered to pay $289m (update $78m) as jury rules weedkiller caused man's cancer,  The Guardian

RELATED: 2018-08-18 SIGNIFICANCE EXPLAINED: U of Saskatchewan taken to Court, Refuses to disclose Right to Know symposium proceedings 2018-08-14 Dewayne Johnson “I never would’ve sprayed that product on school grounds or around people if I knew it would cause them harm.” 2018-09-04 Bayer Needs More Than an Aspirin to Cure Its Monsanto-Sized Headache, by Robert […]

Aug 062018
2018-10-16   rBGH trade name Posilac. Monsanto sold to Eli Lilly in 2008.   Aug 2018,  Eli Lilly sold to a Brazilian firm.

Dairy cattle injected with Monsanto’s Bovine Growth Hormone.  The BGH production plant was in Augusta, Ga, USA. Huge resistance in the USA and elsewhere.  The March Against Monsanto.  Very effective consumer boycotts of grocery stores. All combined to drive Monsanto out. Documentation – – what did Monsanto do with the BGH? . . .  it […]

Jun 042018
2018-06-04   Monsanto shedding name:  Bayer acquisition leads to change for environmental lightning rod.  USA Today

Surprising how much of mainstream media reduces  the resistance to what “Monsanto” represents, to “environmentalists”.   “Corruption” as the main issue!   Monsanto is the evil empire.  It is not difficult to provide the documentation to make the case. So now, “Monsanto” is  “Bayer-Monsanto”.   = = = = = = = = = = = Nathan Bomey […]

Mar 082018

This posting makes an important point re Monsanto and the other chemical producers: regulatory capture – – by the industry, of the Government agency responsible for regulating the industry. It has been an issue for at least 20 years.   There has been no progress made by us (the insurgents!).   This petition names the PMRA (Pest […]