Oct 172023

Thanks to Erich for sending: As the war drums beat ever louder, and Gaza becomes a second Warsaw Ghetto, I feel compelled to send the following video report on to as many people as possible.  It explains a lot, as Haaretz, Israel’s 104 year old newspaper of record has long been warning (would that OUR […]

Sep 092023

HERE IS AMY MILLER AGAIN!    Please let people in the Saskatoon area know – – Manufacturing The Threat,  at the Roxy Theatre: https://facebook.com/events/s/saskatoon-manufacturing-the-th/899241778300762/?mibextid=v9ApzC Amy writes: . . .   My new film will be in Saskatoon at the Roxy Theatre starting on the 15th September.  . . . I think you will really really like the […]

Jul 172023
2023-02-02  Warm-up for saying NO to more war (NATO):  U.S. Military Industrial Complex Is ‘Choking Democracy’ — How Do We Stop It?  , from TomDIspatch

Every time I hear that NATO wants MORE money from its member nations I want to take to the streets in defiance. Warm up with this from TomDispatch.  It’s for an American audience, published by Children’s Health Defense.  Sweet sanity. 02/02/23 Big Tech  › Views U.S. Military Industrial Complex Is ‘Choking Democracy’ — How Do […]

Jun 232023
2023-06-20  Throwing More Money at the Pentagon.  Lockheed Martin  . .  Lockheed Martin, the biggest, got a staggering 73% of its $66 billion in net sales from the government in 2022.

I don’t forget Chrystia Freeland’s testimony at the Inquiry into the Invocation of the Emergency Measures Act in Canada.  I found it embarrassing as a Canadian to witness her servile attitude to the Americans.  Quisling #1, dependent on crumbs tossed by the overlords in Washington,  “I come crawling on my knees.” The corruption of the […]

Apr 032023

Subject: re StatsCan and the construction of ID’s  (Personal Information Banks) This is spreading quickly,  with more info being added as more people see it.   /Sandra Please forward this email. from Swift Current, SK.  StatsCan set up at the Fairgrounds. https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Canada-health-trailers:9 Mysterious Canadian Govt Vans: Harassing Folks For Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing & More […]

Oct 262021

Hi, You may be interested in the article about China. Source is Telesur  – – REPLY:    (It’s not only China.) An interesting article. I am not a China fan for various reasons, although I admire some of its history. I read two books from 2 women who experienced Mao time. Quite shocking. When I […]

Oct 012021

This was posted when we were part of the effort to get Bush & Cheney tried by the International Criminal Court, which was an eventual outcome of the Nuremberg Trials and Code.  International Humanitarian Law prohibits experimental medical treatments on human beings without fully informed and free consent. Forced Inoculation is prohibited medical treatment. Bob […]

Sep 162021

The article below is head-lined:     California water agencies resolve Colorado River dispute  (chuckle)  . . .  I  high-lighted  Imperial has rights to more than one-third of the water allocated to the three states in the river’s (Colorado) lower basin and Mexico.   and I think Good God!  And I hope you might have read the “IMPLICATIONS […]

Sep 142021

IN PROTECTION OF THIS WOMAN, Corporal Adrienne Gilvesy,  I say Use simple, common sense.   If we provide the ammunition to paint ourselves as far-right or crazies, we simultaneously paint her.  What she is doing is pretty incredible.  She needs all possible support from us. 2021-09-09 Julius Ruechel: Under the Shadow of Damocles’ Sword: Forcing Employers […]