Jun 142013

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/06/14/g8-tax-evasion-stephen-harper_n_3437802.html The amount of money hidden from Canada’s tax collector has reached a record $170 billion, by one estimate, but critics of the Harper government say the prime minister is doing nothing about tax evasion — and is even blocking international efforts at combating the problem. Offshore tax havens will be one of the major […]

May 192013

Please let everyone know: Saturday, May 25th  around the World demonstrations against Monsanto (GMO’s) !   It’s shaping up to be a big event in my community, Saskatoon.  How about yours?  . . .    Click here if you don’t know.)   SELECT ONE SIMPLE ACTION that works for you Join in the fun!:   You can […]

Mar 012013

Below is in follow-up to  2013-02-12  A million signatures on AVAAZ petition to US FDA, stop the licensing of GM salmon.   = = = = = = = = = = = CONTENTS 1.    “THE ONLY SOURCE OF GM SALMON EGGS ON THE PLANET“, PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDERS ARE MOBILIZING (again) TO STOP IT! 2.  BERTRAM VERHAAG`S […]

Feb 132013

Let’s help push this AVAAZ petition over the top.   http://www.avaaz.org/en/stop_frankenfish_r/?bpPHlab&v=21885  1,000,000 signatures is the goal     974,941 right now.  It’s entirely within reach. UPDATE, Feb 18:  985,374 have signed. UPDATE, Mar 03:  992,276 have signed.   The New York Times reported in December 2012 that the licensing of GM salmon is likely to go ahead (FDA). The two-month […]

Jan 302011

It’s 3:30 pm my time in Saskatchewan, Sunday Jan 30.  124,615  have signed onto the Avaaz petition. 200,000  is the goal.  These kids are terrific.  Let’s give them a hand!   /Sandra  Begin forwarded message:  From: “Avaaz.org” <avaaz  AT  avaaz.org> Date: January 30, 2011 8:51:03 AM GMT-05:00 Subject: Thanks for showing your solidarity with Egyptian protesters  […]

Dec 142010

Item #6 below:   If you haven’t already signed the Avaaz petition in support of Julian Assange, please do!  I expect a million people will sign on.   300,000 signed on in the last 24 hours. Items #2 and #3:   from the website of Citizens for Legitimate Government, http://www.legitgov.org/ .  They have a running list of updates on […]