Jul 102015
2015-07-08   Dick Cheney Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes: Former International Court of Justice Judge

Published on Wednesday, July 08, 2015 by Common Dreams Renowned human rights expert Thomas Buergenthal said Cheney and a number of CIA agents ‘should appear before the ICC.’ by Sarah Lazare, staff writer Former ICC judge Thomas Buergenthal said he believes that the architects of mass torture during the George W. Bush era, such as […]

Jan 102015

This is THE BEST!  Canadians are SO wonderful !!   I am still laughing! 2015-01-05  How I learned to stop worrying and love the torture, by John McNamer   They are the same effort: End Canadian collaboration with lawbreakers  (think of Torture) Re-establish the Rule of Law (many examples of terrible failures by Attorneys General and […]

Jan 092015

Terrific!   Many thanks to John. Note the link to his complaint submitted to the ICC, at the bottom of this posting.   http://www.kamloopsthisweek.com/commentary-learned-stop-worrying-love-torture/ By: Kamloops This Week in Columnists, Opinion January 5, 2015   How I learned to stop worrying and love the torture   BY JOHN MCNAMER Why has it ever even bothered me that so […]

Dec 202014

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/five-revelations-about-the-cias-interrogation-techniques/article22017072/ NOTE: 1.   The article (below) does not name “the company” that took over the CIA torture program: Two former military psychologists who had not conducted a single real interrogation were hired – at a daily rate of $1,800 (U.S.) each – to waterboard detainees. They later started a company that took over and ran the CIA […]

Dec 202014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g2OoEf9eSI&feature=youtu.be Case Filed in European Court Against Bush-Era Torture. Over 100 CIA agents have already been warned by the lawyers for the agency that they should not leave the United States, certainly not go to Europe, because they could be arrested and prosecuted for torture.

Jul 072014

Eve’s trial (Census – Lockheed Martin) is July 17th. I wish I could trumpet the importance to the roof-tops.  I can’t. So today, I felt compelled to improve the information base.  Citizen awareness is the game-changer:  Lockheed Martin’s surveillance operations, their involvement in the StatsCan data base is related to the posting on the Troop Exchange Agreement. […]

Oct 162013

Dick Cheney is to be “keynote speaker” in Toronto on Oct 31.  PROTEST:  Thursday, Oct 31,  11:00am EDT   Metro Toronto Convention Centre 255 Front St W Toronto (Facebook) This is about the Rule of Law. What is that worth to you?   An incredible array of organizations and people have assembled, to see that if […]

Oct 162013

You increasingly see this – some “organization” sets up the event, it is hard to pin down who they are.  See below. In this case it’s the International Economic Forum of the Americas (I notice that it has a “Director of Security “.) The registration form is on-line.  (Don’t see one person who is responsible) […]

Oct 162013

How ironic is this:  twice – in the Throne Speech today – –  The Government is committed to  “The Rule of Law”. Let’s see what the value of their words is.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 16, 2013   Contact: Gail Davidson, Lawyers Against the War (LAW), 1-(604) 738-0338, law  AT  portal.ca Professor Francis Boyle, […]