Nov 182018
1982-10-28   United Nations "World Charter for Nature"

With the “World Charter for Nature” on 28 October 1982, the United Nations developed a code of conduct for the protection and preservation of global natural habitats and resources. The code established five “principles of conservation” by which all human conduct affecting nature should be guided and judged. It further emphasized that social and economic […]

Nov 072018

A Swedish teenager sets a ball rolling.  A youth in Sudbury catches it and throws it to us . . .    Great!   I’ve reserved  Friday, December 7 on my calendar.   With thanks to Dianne Rhodes: Please save the date: Friday, December 7, 2018.   During the international climate negotiations in Katowice, Poland, youth are […]

Oct 142018

“In his new book, Stephen Harper warns that standing up for the environment makes for bad politics, especially in a populist age when parties are looking for the votes of ‘ordinary’ people.” Susan Delacourt quotes a new book entitled Right Here, Right Now: “Political parties, including mine, have won elections just by opposing a carbon […]

Oct 102018

Image Harry Taylor, 6, played with the bones of dead livestock in Australia, which has faced severe drought.  Credit  Brook Mitchell/Getty Images By Coral Davenport   INCHEON, South Korea — A landmark report from the United Nations’ scientific panel on climate change paints a far more dire picture of the immediate consequences of climate change […]

Oct 052018

Victory: The Trans Mountain legal saga is over October 5, 2018 Dear Sandra, It’s official. The legal battle over the Trans Mountain project is over and won. The federal government announced Wednesday that it will not appeal the Federal Court of Appeal ruling that quashed its approval of the Trans Mountain project. This means that […]

Oct 052018

Staring down opposite ends of the same pipeline You, in Saskatchewan.  Me in BC.  We’re staring down opposite ends of the same pipeline. BC – – West Coast: prevent death of coastal waters by oil spills and super size tanker traffic  – – means stop the Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline Expansion  – – means stop […]

Sep 092018

 by Kevin Taft Canada is fortunate indeed to have a court system that produces rulings of the depth and quality of the Federal Court of Appeal’s judgment on the Trans Mountain Project. Covering 254 pages, it is clearly written, well informed, and thoughtful to the point of wisdom. In an era when democracy itself seems […]

Sep 092018
2018-04-19  Kevin Taft on what turned Rachel Notley from crusading critic to big oil crusader,   National Observer

 by Kevin Taft  Alberta Premier Rachel Notley I (Kevin Taft) spent four years in the Alberta legislature with Rachel Notley, from 2008 to 2012. I liked and admired her and was delighted when she became premier in 2015. Today when I watch her on pipeline and oil issues I ask myself, what happened to the […]

Sep 052018

RELATED TO: 2018-08-30   VICTORY: We’ve defeated Trans Mountain, from EcoJustice (the lawyers who argued the case) EXCERPT: . . .   the Federal Court of Appeal struck down the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project — effectively slamming the door shut on a project that, as it turns out, was never approved legally […]

Aug 302018

RELATED:  Reply to: the Court Decision on the TransMountain (Kinder Morgan) Pipeline is “a big mistake”   From: Devon Page, Ecojustice Sent: August 30, 2018 Subject: VICTORY: We’ve defeated Trans Mountain   Just moments ago, the Federal Court of Appeal struck down the federal government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. It’s been a […]