Jun 152009

Thanks to Herman who writes:   Today’s Star Phoenix page D8, nicely buried on the back of the Classifieds section. – – – – – – – – I guess they can at least say they published it! Note,  keep in mind when reading:   this is cross-border energy export, Canada to U.S.   The American Southwest is […]

May 302008

Continuation … From  CONTENTS: 6.  PROTEST.  LOCKHEED MARTIN CONTRIBUTION TO DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY. THROUGH THE TERMS OF a CONTRACT WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, LOCKHEED MARTIN IS REQUIRED TO INVEST IN CANADA.  The American military-industrial complex seeps across Canada.  We soon have an economy that is dependent upon going to war, as is the American economy.  […]

May 302008

These are threads that need to be drawn together: 1.    2008-05-23   Water:  Canadians should be SERIOUSLY CONCERNED  about Americans who want Water,  Robert F Kennedy Jr,   Canadian Press.     A short, concise article. 2.    2005-11-11   Americans will be AGGRESSIVELY after our Water, Peter Lougheed, Former Premier of Alberta.  The Globe & Mail The reality is that fresh water is more valuable […]

May 232008

By THE CANADIAN PRESS, Calgary Sun, May 23, 2008 (Link no longer valid: http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Canada/2008/05/23/5647041-sun.html)   America wants our water: Kennedy PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says Canadians should be seriously concerned about Americans who want to steal Canada’s water. Kennedy is in Peterborough, Ont., today to deliver a speech at a Great Lakes […]

Feb 292008

Lake Mead has a 50/50 chance of drying up by 2021. So what?  Have you any friggin’ idea of how many people and economic interests are dependent on Lake Mead, the largest man-made reservoir in the United States?  It is located on the Colorado River, a half hour from Las Vegas, Nevada.   It’s the water […]

Feb 272008

 CONTENTS: (1)  WHAT’S HAPPENING (2)  LETTER-TO-EDITOR (3)  MANY THANKS TO HAROLD JOHNSON, A BRIEF HISTORY OF AMERICAN ATTEMPTS ON CANADA (4)  THE WATER CONNECTION  ======================  (1)  WHAT’S HAPPENING  Canada, U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies   RE letter-to-editor:  in interests of getting it published, I DIDN’T entitle it: “Agreement with the Devil”!  […]

Feb 172008

Cockamamy Schemes of the First Order 1. NAWAPA A. Proponents of the scheme: source: http://www.schillerinstitute.org/economy/phys_econ/phys_econ_nawapa_1983.html SCHILLER INSTITUTE The Outline of NAWAPA by Lyndon H. LaRouche, January 1988 This appeared as an appendix to the book published as Schiller Institute Conference Proceedings “Development is the New Name for Peace.” in January, 1988. Most of the material […]

Feb 172008

Banksters: Index Maggie Paquet received my email   (2008-02-13)   Water: Urgent Update,  Proposed Highgate Dam, North Saskatchewan River. She writes:  “It’s a subject I’ve helped fight, on and off, for decades. I believe this Highgate Dam plan is part of it… Anyway, without yarding on any more about it, I put together a brief bit of […]

Feb 142008

“Neither the Canadian government nor the Canadian Forces announced the new agreement, which was signed Feb. 14 in Texas.” The official name for the Canada – U.S. Troop Exchange Agreement is the “Civil Assistance Plan“. The Government of Canada can call in the American troops in the event of “civil emergency”. Some CONTEXT for the […]

Jan 252008
2008-01-25  Canadian water exports:  will NAWAPA return?  Includes map of water diversions, Canada to U.S.

(Scroll down to the map) Source: http://aquadoc.typepad.com/waterwired/2008/01/kennedy-to-cana.html (The following is the article.  The “I” is not Sandra Finley speaking.) January 25, 2008 Canadian Water Exports:  Will NAWAPA Return? Robert Kennedy, Jr., recently urged Canadians not to sell or share water with the USA. Nick Lees wrote this (Link no longer valid)   article  for the 18 […]